Welcome to our New Board Member Jasmaine Williams

In January 2014 we welcomed a new member onto our Board of Directors. We are excited to introduce you to her! For information about joining our Board of Directors, click here.

Jasmaine Williams

Jasmaine Williams, who joined our Board of Directors in January 2014.

My name is Jasmaine Williams and I am currently working on a PhD in Cancer Biology at Stanford University. I also completed a Master’s degree in Medicine in March 2012. I am originally from Georgia, and majored in Biology and Spanish as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia in Athens. I have been in California for the past four years after moving from Georgia and love living on the West Coast!

I had previously volunteered with a variety of organizations and events focused on breast cancer, particularly in the African American community. As someone who studies breast cancer in an academic environment, I wanted to work with an organization based in California that I felt was truly effecting change in the breast cancer community. Breast Cancer Action fit this requirement perfectly! After reading about the organization and meeting all of the incredible women who have been a part of BCAction over the years, I am humbled and excited to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the organization.

I love the fierceness of Breast Cancer Action, and how we are completely unafraid to challenge the status quo of commercializing a disease that affects so many lives. Through groundbreaking efforts such as Think Before You Pink® and working on the Supreme Court case to challenge the patenting of human genes, I am inspired by the consistency and clarity of BCAction’s mission. As a younger member of the Board of Directors, I’m also proud of the efforts we are making to be inclusive as an organization and to bring in new perspectives to comprehensively tackle this epidemic.

I am most looking forward to using the different aspects of my own identity as a catalyst for unifying voices in the breast cancer community. It is critical for women to understand why we are outraged as an organization, and why they should be too! As a Board member, I hope to clearly communicate that message to women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and levels of education. I believe the most important changes in addressing the breast cancer epidemic will come from uniting people around the importance of “people before profits” in breast cancer, and I look forward to contributing to that effort as a part of Breast Cancer Action.

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