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BCAction donate button 2014Have you ever desperately searched the internet for answers about a health concern—only to wonder whether you could trust the information? When it comes to questions about breast cancer, we need more than the internet. We each deserve compassionate and knowledgeable support from an organization we can trust.

People across the country count on Breast Cancer Action because we are free from conflicts of interest.

We will never take corporate funding from any company that profits from or contributes to the breast cancer epidemic. And that’s why we rely on the support of members like you.

Your donation allows Breast Cancer Action to provide the following services free of charge:

  • Toll-free support line: Call and speak with our compassionate and knowledgeable staff who will respond promptly to your questions and provide resources: 1-877-2STOPBC.
  • Educational webinars: Learn about cutting-edge topics related to breast cancer and get a chance to pose your questions to leading experts. 
  • Fact sheets: Get concise, understandable, science-based information related to screening, diagnosis, treatment, and causes of breast cancer. 
  • Newsletter: Unique analysis of breaking news regarding breast cancer, conference coverage, and treatment news. 

We need your support so we can provide unbiased information regarding treatment, screening and risk reduction — free of charge. Thank you for making a donation of $25 or more today.

With my heartfelt gratitude for joining me in this vital work,

Karuna Jaggar
Executive Director

P.S. With a gift of $25 today, you are helping to provide vital support and information for those in crucial need.

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