The Truth About Breast Cancer

The truth about breast cancer is never an easy story to tell because there is nothing comforting, secure, soft or reassuring about breast cancer.

The reality is doctor’s visits, radiation appointments, chemo infusions and their aftermath. And there’s always the uncertainty of recurrence. Many mainstream breast cancer organizations won’t talk about these hard realities even though the women they serve live with them every day. We will not end the breast cancer epidemic unless we confront this disease in its entirety, hard truth and all. No matter how hard we hope and how many pretty pink ribbons we buy.

Breast Cancer Action is not like most mainstream breast cancer organizations. We aren’t afraid to stand up and speak out about the uncomfortable realities of this disease and we don’t cover up the hard issues with pretty pink ribbons.

In this 5 minute video, BCAction member Emily Kaplan talks candidly about the hard truths of breast cancer.

We hope you will watch the video and share it with your friends.

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