Support Women Living with Lymphedema

Joyce BichlerBy Joyce Bichler, Deputy Director

Lymphedema is a common and sometimes debilitating side effect of breast cancer treatment that far too many women experience. Lymphedema can occur when lymph nodes are removed or damaged, leading to swelling of the arm due to blocked flow of lymph system fluids. This condition can cause long-term physical, psychological and social problems for patients.

Currently, Medicare and other insurance providers do not cover critical components of lymphedema treatment. As a result, many patients suffer from recurrent infections, progressive degradation in their condition and eventual disability because they cannot afford the compression supplies required to treat their condition. The Lymphedema Treatment Act would require Medicare to cover comprehensive lymphedema treatment and would set a precedent for Medicaid and private insurers to follow. Help us pass the Lymphedema Treatment Act – take action now.

TakeActionThe Lymphedema Treatment Act is an important bill that would improve and expand insurance coverage for the treatment of this condition, which if left untreated, can lead to infection, disfigurement, disability and in some cases even death.

Here’s what this important piece of legislation would do for women living with breast cancer:

  • Provide comprehensive lymphedema treatment coverage, according to current medical treatment standards;
  • Enable patient self-treatment by providing necessary medical supplies for use at home (including gradient compression garments, bandages, and other compression devices)

Take action today and make sure good and effective lymphedema treatment is available to every woman who needs it. 

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