Donations in Honor and Memory: Fall 2014

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between April 2, 2014 – November 13, 2014.

Abigail Arons
from Anonymous (2)
from Margot Meitner

Em Baraan
from Lena Chen
from Courtney Coquilla-Megino
from Gina Gonzales
from Rosemary Palomo

Julie Becker
from Priscilla Rosenwald

Raquel  Bernaldo
from Lena Chen
from Courtney Coquilla-Megino
from Gina Gonzales
from Rosemary Palomo

Joyce Bichler
from Rosey and Stuart Rudnick
from Susan Tobachnik and Arnie Berman

Joan Biren
from Anonymous
from Letitia Gomez
from Sherilyn Thomas

Ingrid Boucher
from Karen Wisniewski and Robert Boucher

Sherrill Bounnell
from Michelle Rappaport

Rose Brown
from Linda Sue Johnson

Meaghan Calcari Campbell
from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
from Ignacio Estrada
from Reno Calcari

Constance Carpenter
from Shawna Nixon

Jeri Lynn Cohen
from Darl Packard

Elaine  Costello
from Peggy Schmidt and Joseph J. Tabacco

Ginny Cruz
from Eileen Jackson

Holly Downing
from Jane Nielson and Howard Wilshire

Jean Ferguson
from Nancy Franklin

Judy Fjell
from Lenore Dale Ralston

Rosie Madrigal and Elena Fuentes-Affleck
from Trinidad Madrigal

Cathay  Fulton Ericksen
from Shawna Nixon

Jeannie Gallagher
from Diane and George DeMartini

Jane Gambucci
from Anna & James Gambucci

Kathy Gelardi
from Shauna Goodman

Samantha and Natalie Gordon
from Joshua Gordon

Susan Greene
from Joseph DiMaria

Amy Greenwald
from Lisa Kramer

Larry Grigsby
from Ann Livengood

Judy Hamernick
from Kerri Hamernick

Penny  Harris
from Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow

Mary Harvey
from Shane McDonnell

Lani Horn
from Jeremy Hansuvadha

Peggy  Huston
from Megan Huston

Jenner Imboden
from Sandy Strassberg

Karuna Jaggar
from Janna Cordeiro
from Seyedeh Maryam Javanmard
from Sarah Lightfoot

Maria Johnson
from Noah Harald

Sue Jones
from Sophia Yen

Emily Kaplan
from Barbara Bowers
from Angela Ellsworth

Tania Katan
from Angela Ellsworth

Jesse Knoff
from Heather and Jesse Kapp

Maureen Latimer
from Lisa Sayers

Deborah Levine
from Gretchen Raffa

Carol Lindsay
from Anonymous

JoAnn Loulan
from Anonymous
from JoAnn Ogden and Janet Luce
from Diane Mosbacher and Nanette Gartrell
from Vivek Ragavan
from Norman Schwartz
from Tamara Turner

Salima Major
from Sylvia and Daniel Harris

Lisa Marks
from Linda Marks and Rafael Lopez

Ivan Menchell
from Karen Sillas

Damaria Moore
from Betty and Clifford Nakamo

Sarah Moore
from Carolyn Wilson

Julie Morgan
from Kirstin and Dave Arnold
from Clare Cavanaugh
from Kelly and Phillip Clarke
from Jason Coursey
from Aisling Harvey
from Shane Kinder
from Julie K. Lamb
from Heather  Lind
from Akshobhya Mann
from Alexander McNees
from Ashley Reese
from Arielle Rittvo

Lori Morton
from Robert Morton

Andrew Murch
from Cynthia Murch

Mark and Trisha Okubo Tonkelow
from Leslie Salkowitz-Montoya

Peggy  Orenstein
from Joan Bostian

Laura   Padilla
from Joan Roof

Lara Plewka MacGregor
from Art Plewka

A Pomnichowski
from Jill C. Pomnichowski

Padmaja Menon Pottathill
from Madhuri Kirkham

Stacey Warner Price
from Mark Albright

Fang Qian
from Billy Cao

Faith Raider
from Barbara  Raider

Julie Rodbarry
from Glenn Rodbarry

Pricilla Rosenwald
from Julie Becker and Joshua Berlin

Laura Scarpa
from Lisa Hartmayer

Kathleen Therese Schultz
from Catherine Hunter

Lucy Sherck
from Hannah and Don Sherak

Debi Sierra
from Frank Sierra

Anne   Somsel
from Deborah Elkin
from Rachel Kobasa

Bridget Southerland
from Karen Clark

Gayle Sulik
from Gail Leidhecker

Nadia  Tase
from Sheila Newton

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tonkelowitz
from Catherine Pantsios

Lori Wallace
from Janet Hayes

Chang Wen
from Gary Smith

Joanne            Yeaton
from Amanda Yeaton-Massey

Cerde  Zapperoni
from Lochlann Jain

BAYS and Ceide & friends
from Emily Kaplan

BCA Staff
from Sierra Harris

my mom
from Vicki Richards

all of us, here and gone
from Hilary Greene

my niece

Martha Saltzman

Jesse & Tamar
from Leah Staub

from Christine Wick

Too many friends and myself
from Jessea Greenman and Darlene Ceremello

Tracy, Alexandra and Sumita
from Julie Garren


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between April 2, 2014 – November 13, 2014.

Judee  King
from Mary K. Harms

Aruni Abeyaratne
from Shalini Abeyaratne

Shelley Adams
from Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich

Carol Adler
from Harriet Stein

Reem Alanbari
from Sara Almalla

Bonnie Albron
from Amy Gordon

Terry Allerhand
from Laurie Wolfe  Allerhand

Joyce Ambrosini
from Margaret G. Langston

Phyllis Anderson
from Laura Padilla

Pat Anesi
from Lauri E. Fried-Lee

Daniel Arons
from Samantha Gottlieb

Linda Baralt
from Evelyn Hernandez

Judi Bari
from Wendy Tanowitz

Pearl Barnett
from Jeffrey Engel
from Barbara Gauthier
from Julie Gordon and Richard Eisner
from Richard Gordon
from Stephen Lecover
from Allan Tobin

Sarah Bendiner Fenner
from Sharon Kaplan and Hilario Diaz

Deborah ‘Smokey’ Blackwell
from Kristen Sheeley

Maria  Blanco
from Xiomara Blanco

Charles Blumfeld
from Josh Schmitter

Alma   Borenstein Ohly
from Barbara B. and Joseph  Blumenthal

Barbara Brenner
from Anonymous
from Barbara B. and Joseph Blumenthal
from Beth A.   Chapman
from Lillian Sandra Coliver
from Marta Drury and Kerry Lobel
from Roz and Irv Ehudin
from Elaine Elinson and Rene Ciria Cruz
from Kristin and Bryan Gardner
from Sue Goldberg
from Bruce Golden
from Alice Hilbert
from Jane Kahn and Michael Bien
from Leah Kaizer and David Salk
from Gudrun Kemper
from Susan Liroff
from Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden
from Sarah Moore
from Paula Ojea
from Deborah Osmond
from Margo Perin
from Alice Philipson and Petra Liljestrand
from Noreen Vera Purcell
from Jennifer  Rudy
from Nina Smith
from JoAnn Tsark

From Clemency Wings
from Phyllis Hatfield

Betty Jayne Brink
from Traci Pena

Geraldine Brischetto
from Rhonda Lohman
from Mary Ann and Michael Brischetto
from Edward and Delores Hammond
from Kay Million

Pat Stocking Brown
from Anonymous

Selma Butter
from Marsie Scharlatt

Carol Cabell
from Noemi Levine

Rachel Carson
from Britta Reida

Therese Castonguay
from Shirley Elyse Sokol

Rachel T. Celmer
from Cisley Celmer

June Jordan M. Childs
from Roy S. McKay

Sally Chin
from Sandi Wong

Pat Cody
from Nora Cody

Laura Cole
from Diane C. Carr

Sandra Cotton
from Betsy Cotton

Christina Cryan
from Thao Nguyen

Kathryn Cunnyngham-Armstrong
from Katie Mayberry

Patricia Ann Davis
from Lauren Kearney

Nancy  De Sales
from Riley Anita and William Moore

Audrey Down
from Wendy Gerstel

Judith Effron
from Anonymous

Gladys Eisman
from Nanacy Eisman

Saida El- Azouzzi
from Rachida  Senoussi

May Elinson
from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner

Marcy Ely
from Anonymous

Karen Fine
from Katanya  Henry

Susan Fine
from Jeff Harris and Lexi Harris
from Sylvia and Daniel Harris

Doris W. Freidin
from Miriam Freidin M.D. and Ralph Freidin

Amie Frischer
from Debbie Bamberger
from Dan Sukiennik

Wave Geber
from Mitchell Gillman

Deena Glass
from Marty R. Sochet
from Noah Sochet

Lois Marie Goldsby
from Sharon Goldsby Barnett and Victor M. Barnett

Connie Harms
from Mary K. Harms

Kathy Haycock
from Cynthia Reed Buck

Bonnie Heit Herva
from Lenore Schwartz

Katherine Hinman
from Marjorie Wazeka

Jean Hoff
from Anonymous

Beth Holman
from Lori Anders

Lori Hoover
from James Butler

Brenda Lee Hope
from Kelly Brophy

Erin Hyman
from Julie Morgan

Ann Ikawa
from Dianne Armitage

Lewis and Marjorie Katz
from Lois and Mike Libien

Darlene Klaif
from Chris Harris and Sally Hand

Mary Jane Koch
from Rebecca Koch

Sandy Kugelman
from Rachelle Fox

Dahlia Kuwayti
from Shannon Maher

Daphne Lawrence
from Anonymous

Cheryl Leiphart
from Karen Gunnet

Billie Gardner Loulan
from Anonymous
from JoAnn Loulan and Ronny Crawford
from Denise Bullwinkel
from Sandra Fujita
from Nancy and Graham Sullivan

Kay Lyou
from Russell G. Worden and Janette R. Lawrence

Mavis Maher
from Shannon Maher

Deborah Marnerakis
from Despina  Marnerakis

Martha Mata
from Liza Levine and Edward Zuckerman

Sky McGuffey
from Reed Stanley Zimmerman

Jerrie Meadows
from Jerrie M. Meadows Revokable Trust and Daniel Yanow

Susan   Mills
from David Kraschke and Christine Kraschke

Chiharu Nakazono
from Chiasa Nakazono

Diane Olds
from Kathleen Weitz

Laura   Padilla
from Laura Phyllis Anderson
from Margarita and Enrico Marinova Rossi
from Ricardo Olea
from Alison Rosner
from Robin Tovey
from Katherine Yeo
from Rachel Feder
from Laura Hernandez-Ehrisman

my sister
from Martha Saltzman

Susan Payne
from Michael Payne

Deanne Pernell
from Anton and Michele Dahlerbruch
from Janice Streig

Judy Pertofsky
from Carole Pertofsky

Jo Renzi
from Susan Thompson French

Lynda Rhomberg
from Chris Rhomberg

Judith Ann Richards
from Sandra and Davis Riggs

Nancy  Riley
from Adelaide Roberts and Almond Roberts

Barbara Rizio
from Ann Marie Otis

CJ Ryan
from Dan Ryan
from Shannon Ryan

Kathleen Schultz
from Michelle Fredricks
from Claudia Selzer
from Elizabeth Nehr and Frank G. Nehr
from Melinda and David Fons
from Rosemary Etue
from Michael  Noone
from San Francisco Friends School
from Mark King

Wendy Schwartz
from Ryan Schwartz

Edward and Patricia Sewall
from Patrick Sewall

Mary Sharp
from Maggie Van Vliet

Lucy Sherak
from Ken Fischer and Carlyn M. Montes De Oca

Pat Singer
from Katanya  Henry

Heidi Sommer
from Kelsey Crowe

Bev Stolker-Drake
from Lynn Rigney Schott and Stephen Shott

Suzie Dod Thomas
from Jane Armbruster and Malcolm Davis

Mary Utne O’Brien
from Ingrid O’Brien

Heidi Sommer VavRosky
from Jessica Meyer

Jann Wagner
from Jennifer  Stein

Yetta Waldman
from Helayne  Waldman

Dina Wittner
from Marion and Dana Levine

Micky Wolfe
from Virginia Wolfe

Leone Wright
from Erin Parsons-Wright

from Clare Wuellner

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Carley Schanck
from Jill C. Pomnichowski

Holly Stevens
from Catherine Murphy

my aunt
from Jonaphine Viray

my sister
from Martha Saltzman

from Joan and Steve  Goldblatt

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