“Should I Get a Mammogram?” Understanding the Harms and Benefits of Routine Breast Cancer Screening

Sahru KeiserBy Sahru Keiser, MPH, Education and Mobilization Coordinator

Are you confused by all the information and ongoing “debates” about mammography screening for breast cancer? You’re not alone. As a woman and a trained public health professional, I’m very aware that understanding the harms and benefits of routine breast cancer screening can be overwhelming.

So with this in mind, and in response to ongoing emails, phone calls and questions from so many of you about mammography, we’ve developed a new brochure. It’s designed to provide information about breast cancer screening for women of “average risk” who don’t have a family history of breast cancer, have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, and have no other known risk factors.

Read and share our brochure: “Should I Get a Mammogram? Understanding the Harms and Benefits of Routine Breast Cancer Screening”

As the watchdog of the breast cancer movement, we’ve been paying close attention to the issue of mammography screening for years, and we’ve been carefully reviewing all the research along the way.

This brochure can be of service to you in your thinking about whether or not you should get a mammogram. Because of our  strict corporate contributions policy you can be assured  that when we review the evidence about mammography, we do it from an unbiased, patient-centered perspective.

I sincerely hope this brochure will help you more fully understand the harms and benefits of mammography screening so that you can make the decisions that are right for you, based on the evidence and your own values and priorities.

Here’s what people have been saying about the brochure:

“[This resource] is unusually honest and transparent. Congratulations!”
–Gerd Gigerenzer, Director of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy, Berlin, Germany

“An amazing toolkit that walks you through the evidence.”
–Amanda Kelly, web producer, Global News

“[I’ve been] following this for years, & [this is the] best overview I’ve seen.”
–Lori Anders, BCAction member

“Thank you for having the faith and forthrightness to come out this boldly and be unafraid on this topic. I am so happy to have an organization like yours to lean on, for unbiased information for myself and to share with my daughter and friends. Keep up the good work!”
–BCAction member

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