Highlights from “Don’t Pink for Me” Campaign

dont-pink-4-me-200Thank you to everyone who participated in Breast Cancer Action’s inaugural “Don’t Pink for Me” campaign this October and for sharing your personal stories. We were deeply moved by each of you who created your own fundraising page and told your friends and family “Don’t Pink for Me.” During the month of October, the campaign raised over $7,500! View the campaign website and read other stories here. In the meantime here are a few highlights from the campaign:

EJ Concors

EJ ConcorsWhen I lost my aunt to breast cancer three years ago, my life changed forever. I found out that I was BRCA-1 positive. My lifetime risk for breast cancer is upwards of 87%. This is why this matters.

The fact is, buying a pink-lemonade special edition 5 Hour Energy, changing your profile picture to a pink ribbon, or skipping a bra for a day to “save the ta-tas”…none of that changes a thing. Awareness is over. The stronghold of these campaigns, “early detection saves lives,” has been entirely debunked. NFL players are wearing pink gloves in front of millions of viewers each week on national TV, yet women are still dying at alarming rates. I think breast cancer is more visible than ever. We are all more than aware. We need action.

Breast Cancer Action is wonderful organization that looks at environmental links to cancer, advocates for research in a feminist-oriented way, and supports individuals with cancer.

Please consider skipping the Pinkwashed October awareness campaigns and help me take action by donating to BCAction.

Christie Allen

Christie AllenThis year I have had enough. I was going to skip October. Many people who have faced or are facing breast cancer can tell you that the month of all things pink to “raise awareness” literally triggers PTSD-like symptoms for them. I am not exaggerating…it literally makes it hard to get out of bed or leave the house for some of us.

The fact is, buying a can of soup that is pink or changing FB’s color to raise awareness or skipping a bra for a day…none of that changes anything. Not a single thing. Awareness is over. We need action.

Breast Cancer Action is wonderful organization that looks at environmental links to cancer, advocates in a realistic way for research, and supports individuals with cancer in a tangible way. Please, if you want to honor those who passed and those who live with and those who are in the trenches…consider skipping the Pinkwashed Pinktober and help take action here. $5 here or there adds up. Thanks for caring.

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