Welcome to Our New Board Members

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is a remarkable group of people who set the vision for BCAction and lead the organization by determining organizational policy, assuring the organization’s financial security, and representing BCAction’s views to the world at large. In September 2014, we welcomed two new members to our Board of Directors – Susan Wood and Laura Hamasaka. We’re featuring Susan in this issue; stay tuned for Laura’s introduction in our next issue. For information about joining our Board of Directors, click here.

Susan Wood

Susan WoodI have been working in women’s health for many years and have known and admired BCAction’s work for quite awhile. I am a faculty member at George Washington University, in the School of Public Health where I direct the Jacobs Institute on Women’s Health.  I have worked in government (as congressional staff, at the Office on Women’s Health at the US Department of Health and Human Services, and as Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health at the FDA).

I love the fact that BCAction is committed to using the best scientific evidence available and is fearless as a champion.  I think the Think Before You Pink® campaign is fantastic!

In my work with BCAction, I’m looking forward to helping identify real ways for primary prevention as well as treatments that have the greatest effectiveness, with the least amount of side effects.  I’m also passionate about helping to communicate to women the real risks and benefits of the screening tools and treatments that are currently available, and advocating for better approaches.

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