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Karuna JaggarBy Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

The words “You have breast cancer” were delivered to more than 230,000 women this year. They may have been spoken to you. Or someone you love.

Each time this news is delivered, it is a personal crisis. But when the news is delivered to nearly a quarter of a million women each year in the U.S., it is a public health crisis. And when the color of a woman’s skin, the size of her paycheck, her age, the sex of her partner, or where she lives predict how likely she is to survive the diagnosis, it is a social justice issue.

Breast Cancer Action is working to achieve health justice for all women at risk of and living with breast cancer. We work toward a day when women’s lives aren’t threatened by breast cancer and where no community bears a disproportionate burden of diagnosis or death.

donatenowPlease join us by making a year-end gift to Breast Cancer Action today so we can end this public health crisis. 

Over the past year, we worked tirelessly to honor women living with the disease and in memory of those who are no longer with us. Thanks to your support, we:

  • Collected over 168,700 signatures demanding that Susan G. Komen stop pinkwashing and break ties with the toxic fracking industry after one of its corporate funders created pink fracking drill bits “for the cure”. With this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign, we sparked the largest grassroots opposition to pinkwashing ever!
  • Published our one-of-a-kind guide, “Should I Get a Mammogram? Understanding the Harms and Benefits of Routine Breast Cancer Screening.” The brochure provides women who are considering routine breast cancer screening with the evidence to make informed choices about this healthcare decision, according to each woman’s values and priorities.
  • Elevated a patient-centered perspective in national news coverage to push back on pink ribbon culture and change the conversation about breast cancer. We generated unprecedented national news coverage in The Guardian, Ms. Magazine, The Washington Post, New York Magazine and on NBC News, NPR, and many more national outlets.

Breast Cancer Action is making a difference. We are shaping the national agenda. We are tapping into a groundswell of outrage and a hunger for real facts. And we are not going away.

We are the ONLY watchdog organization working on breast cancer issues. We sit at the unique intersection of breast cancer, environmental justice, feminism and social justice. We are free from conflicts of interest so that we can always put the needs of patients before corporate profits. We will never take corporate funding from any company that profits from or contributes to breast cancer. Your support makes our work possible and keeps us independent. 

Women like Marie write me all year long to tell me how much our work means to them: “Thank you for the life-changing work that you and BCAction do every day: your outreach, information, education, and calls to substantive action circulate among my family on an almost daily basis as a way to fight the status quo of breast cancer as we experience it.”

To do all of this, we need your supportIn the coming year, your donation will enable us to educate, organize and take action for systemic change in three areas:

  • Breast Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment – We analyze breast cancer screening, healthcare access, drug and device approval from a patient perspective. And we use data to push for more effective, less costly and less toxic treatments.
  • Root Causes of Breast Cancer We work to end the breast cancer epidemic by eliminating the involuntary exposures to hazardous and toxic chemicals present in our daily lives that increases our risk of breast cancer and affects treatment efficiency.
  • Pink Ribbon Marketing and Culture – We cut through the pink noise to tell the hard truths about this disease and challenge “pinkwashing” hypocrisy and the pink ribbon culture that have become the status quo of the breast cancer industry.

The truth is, if Breast Cancer Action wasn’t doing this work – no one would be doing it. Breast Cancer Action is one of the smallest and most efficient organizations in our field, in terms of both staff and budget. We are small but we are mighty. And we accomplish a lot with your donations.  When you make your year-end donation to Breast Cancer Action, you can trust that your money is being used wisely—and is making a difference in the world.

Thank you for being part of this grassroots movement and joining us in our work to achieve health justice. We could not do it without you and are deeply grateful for your support.

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