Donations In Honor and Memory: Spring 2015

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 13, 2014 – March 20, 2015.

from Jeff Braverman

Norma Allen
from Barry English

Abigail Arons
from Anonymous (2)
from Katherine McCall
from Yvette and John  Dubinsky
from Joy Riskin

Elissa Arons
from Yvette Drury Dubinsky
from Judith Chasin

The Athey grandchildren
from Coral J. Fry

Mrs. Atwater Jr.
from Doris Bouwensch

Linda Azer
from Nick Azer

BCAcion and the great job you all do!
from Alison and Phil Braverman

Deborah Behrakis
from Carole L. Mendelsohn

Bonnie Berman
from Jane Frost

Joyce Bichler
from Denise  and Todd Helfstein
from Rosey and Stuart Rudnick
from from Davida Talcove

Linda Boessenecker
from Stacy Leier-Valentine
Janine Braak Peregrine
from Douglas Braak

Alison  Braverman
from Vicki Green

Breast friends for life
from Florie and Joseph Adiutori

Erika Carlson
from Elizabeth & John Carlson
Mara Carman
from Richard Carman

Caitlin Carmody
from Elizabeth Mann

Yvrose Charles
from Carmin Auguste
Annie Colas
from Genevive Delmas Patterson
Donna Corrigan
from Barry Corrigan

Mary C. Cullen
from Nikki Nahmens Gage

Barb Cybulski
from Stephanie Yeager

from Eric Hamako
Carol Dilworth
from Lauren Owens

Betty Emerson
from Lauren Westreich

Candace English
from Barry English
Lulu Escoto
from Kit Ebert

Every woman
from Kristina Hunter

Elda Exposito
from Victor Brull
Janice Fairchild
from David Fairchild
Elaine Fay-Coelho
from Carl Coelho
Piera Fico
from Dina Fico
Joyce Finn
from Lindsey Finn

Lee R. Franklin
from Juana Alicia Araiza

Tori Freeman
from Robert Linderman
Nancy Freire
from Graham Sullivan
Margot Friedman
from Amy Cotton

Alex Galovich
from Noemi Sicherman

Louise Garcia
from Andrea Garcia

Dorothy Geoghegan
from Mary South
Lori Leigh Gieleghem
from Karen Merritt

Craig and Rebecca Gilden
from Judith Chasin

Gail Gooch
from Roberta Gelb

Norman and Marilyn Goodman
from Dina & Bill Weisberger

Micki Greenspan
from Julie Cowan and Neil Good
Dr. Chad Hammond
from Katie Lyons

Hannah and Emily
from Judith Norsigian

Sarah Harding
from Pat and Randy DeMuri

Peggy Sue Houston-Holden
from Harvey Holden

Greg Howarth
from Kathleen Dunckel

Peggy Huston
from Patricia Donnelly
from Heather  Holden
from Rex Huston
from Dr. Vera  Jacobson-Lundeberg
from Mark & Beth Rietdorf
from Andrew Szeri
from Halina Wojnicz
Wendy Hutchinson
from William Davis
from Chris Stahl
from Leigh Busby

Karuna Jaggar
from Marcy Darnovsky

from Marjorie E. Posner

Sumita Jaggar
from Kathleen Corcoran

Leah Kaizer
from David Salk

Tania Katan
from Angela Ellsworth

Therese Kiely
from Catherine Kiely

Jenny Kirkineska Moth
from Daniel Moth

Karen   Klein
from Wilma Bass

Kathy Klemperer
from Allyson Johnson

Kathy Klos
from Connie and David Turbiville

Linda Lamb
from Margo L. Arcanin
Suzanne Lampert
from Michael Rice

Larena Lettow
from Amy and Lexie Dura

Dorrine Levy
from Susie Baldwin

Patty Lewis
from Figen Dalton

Carol Lindsay
from Julia Tyack

Bozena Lipiec
from Eva Lipiec

Roberta Lipsman
from Ellen Reath

JoAnn Loulan
from Gardner Loulan
from Susie and John Loulan
from Diane Mosbacher and Nanette Gartrell
from Tracy Sherman

Eileen Lucas
from Sheena Joyce

JoAnn Madigan
from Paul Bellina

Lena Markley
from Nicole Barsamian

Renetia Martin
from Joseph F. Massey
from David Kahne

Hilde   Meislin
from Barbara J. Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Metastatic patients
from Susie Brain

Eliza Minsch
from Susan Horn

Lisa Monti
from Diane Beeson

Caroline Moore-Kochlacs
from Kellea Miller
from Sarah Roggero
Julie Morgan
from Kelly and Phillip Clarke
from Christopher Gantz
Lisa Hartmeyer
Julie K. Lamb
from Mike and Jen Miller
from Jo Ann Morgan

Lori Morton
from Robert Morton
Monika Moysich
from Kirsten Moysich

My daughter whom at 30 was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, Jenna Hasenkampf
from Susan Pelletier

My family and all the women in the world
from Duc Hieu Tran
Leoma Negley
from Andrea Mayer

Annie Neustadter
from Linda Blachman

Diane  Olds
from Julia Ratti and James P. Cavanaugh
Emily Oppenheimer
from Janet Warren

Shobitha Parthasarathy
from Rama Iyengar

Annette Pittari
from Susan Rancourt
Lara Plewka MacGregor
from Art Plewka

Marilyn Poor
from Judith Pierce
Sophie Rahman
from Madeline Kokes
Kavita Rajanna
from Adam Horowitz

Sophie Rathman
from Madeline Kokes

Gretchen Reed
from Claudine Wallace

Cris Robles
from Karen Ward

Catherine Romanos
from D. Romanos

Dianne Romanos
from Catherine Romanos

Angie Roseneck
from Mary E. Russell

Mary Pat Ruane
from Kimberly Ruane
Alison Sager
from Ann Sager

Rose Salton
from Abby Cohen
Lucie Salvatore
from Mark Beyersdorf

Rolande Sandorfy
from Genevive Delmas Patterson

Katherine Scandiffio
from JoAnna  Scandiffio

Ellen Schwerin
from Lee Sider
from Michelle Pearl

Elana Silver
from Brenda Eskenazi
from Rhoda Seplowitz
from May LynnTan and Charles Morganson

from Karen Marble-Hall

Lee Ann Slinkard
from Charlotte Lagarde
Anne Somsel
from Ellen Rubin
Lori Spence
from William Belcher

Robin Spence
from Rebecca Spence Dobias

Carol Stineman
from Kathleen Dunckel

Kyra Subbotin
from Laura Enriquez
Marie Synowiez
from Karin Synowiez

Betsy Thaxton
from Lesley Mann
Carlene Thompson
from Jeff Thompson

Too many friends and relatives and myself
from Jessea Greenman and Darlene Ceremello

Josephine Tsark
from JoAnn Tsark
from Saah Andropoulos
Eve Vogel
from Giena and Steve Vogel
Cindy Ward
from Douglas Braak

Tracy Weitz
from Leonie Walker and Kate O’Hanlan
Tracy Weitz and Marj Plumb
from Betsy S. Aubrey and Steve Lichtenberg

Kate Whittaker
from Sarah Douglas

The women we love who we fight for everyday
from Jeanne Scandura

The wonderful BCA staff
from Adrienne Torf
Nancy Wood
from Lesley Mann

Rochelle Wunch’s continued good health!
from Barbara Wunsch

Those who pushed for Herceptin development
from Erica Goode, MD

In honor and memory of the many persons living and passed with breast cancer and the person who love care and fight for them – and an end to this epidemic
from Linda L. Gustafson

In honor – the women we love who fight for everyday
from Jeanne Scandura

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between November 13, 2014 – March 20, 2015.

Carol Alexander
from Katherine and Michael  Mattes

All the women I know who have died
from Barbara Parrott

Katie Allen
from Stuart Kandell

Sara V. Allison
from Margaret G. Langston

Joyce Ambrosini
from Margaret G. Langston

Ruth Anderson Brown
from Laurine Brown

Rita Arditti
from Gilda Bruckman
from Doris Reisig
from Barbara Rubin
from Estelle Disch

Daniel Arons
from Elissa Arons

Thia Ashonoah
from Ruth Freedman

Billie Gardner Loulan
from Gardner Loulan
from Tracy Sherman
from Susie and John Loulan

Rita Arditti
from Doris Reisig
from Gilda Bruckman
from Estelle Disch

Thia Ashonoah
from Ruth Freedman

Pearl Barnett
from Harvey Barnett

Krista Brandt Calegari
from Donna Hiraga-Stephens

Laurie  Becklund
from Linda Hunt

Phyllis  Blaney
from Ferol Blaney

Barbara Brenner
from Shelley Alpern and Clean Yield
from Marla Bergman
from Joan E. Biren
from Mark Brenner
from Beth A. Chapman
from Penelope Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser
from Nancy Daniels
from Nancy L. Davis and Donna Hitchens
from Estelle Disch
from Dorothy  Ehrlich
from Brenda Eskenazi
from Susan J.  Ferguson
from Estelle Freedman and Susan Krieger
from Andi Gladstone
from Glikman Associates, K. Glikman, M.C. Duboscq & J. DelLa
from Jill and Richard Granick
from Irma D. Herrera & Mark D. Levine
from Ellen Hickey
from M. Anne Jennings
from Gudrun Kemper
from Terry Kraus
from Susie Lampert
from Mary Law
from Richard Levine
from Ruth MacNaughton
from Joan MacQuarrie and Ellen Slack
from Deborah J. Marx
from Kirsten Moysich
from Paula Ojea
from Deborah Osmond
from  Amy Petersen and Justin Putney
from Alice Price-Styles
from Michael Rice
from Heather Sawitsky
from Gail & David Salk
from Gail & Steven Shak
from Belle Shayer
from Nina Smith
from Janet and Jerome Sobieraj
from Janet Sommer
from  Katherine Stoner and Michelle A. Welsh
from Kyra Subbotin and Henry Siegel
from Laurie J. Woodard
from Carol Yaggy & Mary Twomey
from Jane Sprague     Zones & Stacey Zones

Constance Breza
from Teri Mae Rutledge

Linda   Brogan
from Donna Brogan

Mary Buren
from Ellen Neff

Loretta Byrd
from Liisa Lyon

Wilhelmina Caldwell (mother)
from Mildred Swafford

Blanch Carruth
from Corinne Wick

from Sharen and Gregory Shiffer

Cerrie Cox
from Sallie Jones

Kristine Crowley
from Carole Leita

Christina Cryan
from Thao Nguyen

from Amy Choi

Sarah deHaaf
Laurie Pomeranz

Adele  Dener
from Eve Borenstein and Candace Falk

Elizabeth DePartout
from Jeanne DePartout

Linda Dryer
from Katherine Woodruff and Tim Miller

Frieda Elfus
from Sheila Namir

May Elinson
from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner

Joan Elmore
from Jan Baszucki

Claire Englander
from Nikki Nahmens Gage

Sally Erwin
from Michelle Mehta

Debra Escobido Pierson
from Nikki Nahmens Gage

Carolyn Fain
from Annika Fain

Family and friends
from Kirsten Commons

Sarah Fenner
from Sandra Rosenblum

Barb Fetterolf
from Linda Mullin
The fighters we have lost
from Jeanne Scandura

Pat Folan
from Barbara and Alan Krause

Dorothy and Louis Friedman
from Beth Friedman
from Carol Robertson

Amie Frischer
from Sandra Rosenblum

Marybeth Gallagher
from Barbara Maher

Marlyn Geisert
from Leslie Doyle

Elinor Gelsey
from Gina Gelsey

Frances Gerber
from Rosemary Gerber

Rose Giannini
from Christina Accomando

Deena Glass
from Marty Sochet

Rose Goldberg
from Lesley Goldberg

Annie Goldsmith Barr
from Amy Robertson

Betty L. Goldstein
from Lori Polacek

Tinka Gordon
from Leslie Cheu
from Anne-Marie Lamarche
from Karen Rhodes
from Edward Caropepe
from Franklin  Lowe
from Allen Toy
from Melinda Winter
from Mona and Kevin Maher
from Bernard Golden
from Linda Wilshusen
from Rachel Warner
from Nathan Trammell
from Frank Sisco

Amy Grabel
from Sandy Bailey

Diane Gravely
from Dorothy Geoghegan
from Joan McCarthy

Mimi Gray
from Victoria Gray

Estelle Gribetz
from Myra Hogan

Suzanne Hall Vogel
from Giena and Steve Vogel
from Eve Vogel

Jean Hardisty
from Ellen Leopold

Connie Harms
from Dona and Joseph Santo

Kathy Haycock
from Cynthia Reed Buck

Stasia Heard
from Bonnie and Matt Shapiro
from Gregory Williams
from Nat Bender
from Yarrow Willman-Cole

Barbara Heit
from Herva Lenore Schwartz

Judy Herkert
from Joanne Skirving

Wendy Hite
from Tracy Donsky

Lorie  Hoover
from James Butler

Patricia Hull Pease
from Susan Heitner

Erin Hyman
from Laurie Pomeranz

Cynthia Jameson
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Lita Jans
from Barbara Jans

June Jordan
from Frances Gleitman and Marilyn Trager

Judy Kaplan
from Harriet Josephson

from Stephen Fox

Jean “The Bean” Keaton

Sherrie Kelley
from Rita and Ernest Tibbles

Darlene Klaif
from Chris Harris and Sally Hand

Mary Margaret Koch
from Claudia Mazzetti

Jackie  Kohl
from Dora C. Weaver

Sandy  Kugelman
from Rachelle Fox

Sharon Lesser
from Michael Lesser

Kay Lyou
from Russell G. Worden and Janette R. Lawrence

Cheryl MacIntosh
from Patrick Walsh

from Paula Lutz

Mary Madison
from James Madison

Cindy Manalang
from Paul Schwartz

Peggy Mann
from Lynn Rigney Schott and Stephen Shott

Suzanne McGuinn
from Brian McGuinn

Cheryl McMillan
from Donna Zacchero

Jane McMillan
from Kate Fowler

Helen Mehring
from Sarah Harding

Carol Michele
from Daniel Mason

Judith Milkman
from Marilyn Milkman

Eloise Monroe
from Rosalie Holtz

from Duc Hieu Tran

from Anna M. Roos and Shirley Krug

from Karen Hall

Madeline Moskowitz
from Karin Koff

My grandmother
from Maytte Colorado

My mother
from Ronnie Sandler

My sister
from Nathan P. Thomas, Sr.
My sister Kyra
from Nina Shafran

Johnson Nancy
from Virginia Rooney and Bill Davies

My daughter, Rebecca Nataloni
from Frances Nataloni and Bay Park

Sarah Narosney
from Kathy Marks

Dr. Marti Nelson
from Patricia Jordan

Mary Utne O’Brien
from Ingrid O’Brien

Rita An Ordille
from Nola Lorincz

Desi Owens
from Jill Israel

Carol Pepper
from Kathy Haas and Aileen Santos

Teresa Peters
from William Davis
from Chris Stahl

Debbie Peterson
from Jane Pannell

Norma Peterson
from Cynthia Dorfman

Hilda   Peterson

Jan Platner
from Barbara  Dickey

Elenore Pred
from Lisa Pred-Sosa
from Linda D. Taggart
from Julia Tower

Gertrude Posner
from Rona L. Minkin

Meilssa Quan
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Rose Quinn
from Tonia Wolf

Haydee Raschella
from Maria Busato

Jo Renzi
from Susan Thompson French

Linda Reyes 12/18/1994
from Haidee Reyes

Judee Ring
from Dona and Joseph Santo

Karen Ringrose
from Tiphanie Schreier

Brenda Roth
from Sandra Blair
from Sandra Morris
from Nikki Nahmens Gage

Tina Ruppel
from John L. Ruppel

Rolande Sandorfy
from Genevive Delmas Patterson

Anne Sachs
from Melinda Dart

Ann Sager
from Alison Sager

Irene Satin
from David Kahne

Rheta Schutz
from Annette and Mark Schutz

Barbara Seaman
from Alice Wolfson

Linda Sherif
from Susan Rivo

Lucy Sherak Fisher
from Judith and Victoria Ogley

Elayne Silva
from Karin Koff

Sherry Slade
from Susan Horn

Carol Ann Smith
from Sh Power

Mildred Sokolow
from Harriet Josephson

Jan Stechen
from Audrey H. Webb

Colleen Steinkamp
from David Thun and Mary Hershberger Thun

Bev Stolker (memo)
from Lynn Rigney Schott and Stephen Shott

Susan Stone
from Lee Sider

Elaine Styles
from Alice Price-Styles

Stella Szterenfeld
from Helen Szterenfeld

Linda Tilley
from Jill and Terry Chapin

Barbara Tingey
from Erika Tingey

Marie Thompson
from Susan Thompson French

Mary Utne O’Brien
from Ingrid O’Brien

Helen Van Camp
from Janet Bruchmann

Judith Marie Wadsworth Helfant
from David Benaroya Helfant

Cathy Wallace
from Joseph A. Lee Miller

Yetta Waldman
from Helayne  Waldman

Alma Warner
from Kathryn Davis

Cynthia June Webb
from Peter Webb

Monica Weinstein
from Andrea Lee

Diane Weitz
from Paul Schwartz

Muriel Gail Wertheimer Herzog
from Claudia Herzog

Frances Wilcox
from Emily Hoyer and Bonnie Faigeles

Julia Wiley of Mariquita Farm
from Millennium Restaurant

Jackie Winnow
from Helen Vozenilek

Willi Wolfe
from Caroline Villa

Micky Wolfe
from Virginia Wolfe

Noah Wolfson
from Alice Wolfson

Theresa Wright
from Nina Wunsch

Betty G. Wyeth
from Amy Wyeth

Faye and Iris Young
from Meredith Young

All women who suffer from this disease
from Elizabeth Merck

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