Welcome to New Staff Member Alyssa Figueroa

We are very happy to introduce you to Alyssa Figueroa, our newest staff member here at Breast Cancer Action.

I am thrilled to join the wonderful team at Breast Cancer Action as the Campaigns Coordinator. With so many people devoting their time and energy to the breast cancer epidemic, I am excited to shift the public’s focus from raising awareness about a disease that we are all aware of to actually doing work to bring sweeping, system-wide changes like eliminating the root causes of breast cancer. I’m ready to work on bringing people together to challenge the profit-driven, environmentally destructive systems that are unjustly destroying our health, our communities, and taking too many lives.

I’ve been working with social justice organizations in various capacities since my days at Ithaca College, where I studied politics and journalism. There, I helped lead a successful campaign to win the dining service workers a living wage. I went on to work with Prometheus Radio Project, Democracy Now, and, most recently, Causa Justa::Just Cause on campaign work, organizing and outreach. I have also been a journalist for several years and am the former manager of the Activism section at AlterNet, a progressive, national news site.

I am eager to use my experience analyzing issues through a social justice lens to further build a grassroots movement that is committed to health justice, ending pinkwashing, and calls for real action that puts people before profit.

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