Welcome to New Board Member Laura Hamasaka

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is a remarkable group of people who set the vision for BCAction and lead the organization by determining organizational policy, assuring the organization’s financial security, and representing BCAction’s views to the world at large. In September 2014, we welcomed Laura Hamasaka to our Board of Directors  and are excited to introduce you to her here. For information about our Board of Directors, click here.

Laura HamasakaI’ve been working in public health for many years in a variety of capacities and am currently the Vice President for Community and Youth Engagement at Legacy, the largest national public health organization dedicated to keeping youth from smoking and providing measures to smokers who want to quit.

In my past work, I was involved in environmental justice work, so BCAction’s focus on toxic exposures linked to breast cancer really resonates with me – for example, BCAction’s work on fracking, a process which relies heavily on cancer-linked toxins. I appreciate that BCAction addresses issues of toxic exposures from a systemic perspective, rather than blaming individuals.

I also appreciate that BCAction calls out corporations and organizations that claim they care about addressing breast cancer but is ultimately more about their image and bottom line than women’s health.

What brought me to Breast Cancer Action is my commitment to social justice and my passion to help build capacity in communities impacted by failures in systems that ultimately prevent people from achieving their highest health potential. Breast cancer is a public health issue; we can’t put the blame and responsibility on individual women and tell them “you need to do this, you need to do that.” We need to be asking, what are the broader system-wide issues that society needs to address and support?

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