URGENT: Tell Your Lawmakers Not to “Fast Track” Away Our Health

Alyssa Figueroa 2015By Alyssa Figueroa, Campaigns Coordinator

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), if passed, would jeopardize the health of women living with and at risk of breast cancer by driving up the cost of treatment and blocking regulation of toxic exposures. Tomorrow, lawmakers will vote on a bill that would allow the President to quickly pass, i.e. “Fast Track,” this harmful international trade deal that trades the needs of breast cancer patients and breast cancer prevention for corporate profit.

Contact your Representative now and demand they vote NO to “Fast Tracking” away our health.

The TPP is a sweeping “free trade” deal negotiated in secret by the United States and 11 other countries, with the “help” of more than 600 corporate advisors, including institutions and corporations that produce policies or products linked to breast cancer like the American Chemisry Council and Chevron.

Leaked texts of the TPP shows that the trade deal threatens access to affordable, effective treatments for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and undermines efforts to reduce toxic exposures that increase our risk of breast cancer in the first place.

This “Fast Track” bill has already passed out of the Senate. The House of Representatives plans to hold the final vote on “Fast Track” tomorrow. Thousands of activists are mobilizing against this bill.

Please join them and contact your Representative now to tell them not to “Fast Track” away our health!

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