Donations in Honor & Memory: Summer 2015

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Donations Made in Honor

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between March 25, 2015 – May 25, 2015.

Jeannie Abels
from Beth Abels

Melanie Adrian
from Kristin Bright

Abigail and Elissa Arons
from Joy Riskin

Elissa Arons
from Yvette Drury Dubinsky
from Judith Chasin
from Lynne Golomb

Linda Azer
from Nicholas Azer

Lois Beach
from David Fairchild

Joyce Bichler
from Marcia and Alan Kimbarow
from Vickie Dandridge
from Rosey Rudnick

Sara Brandon
from Rochelle and Marvin Brandon

Sean Camp
from Armand Ruby

Gary Collin’s retirement
from Robert Sehr
from Anne M. Ablaza
from Joseph Moussa
from Gargi Nagwekar
from Michael D. Sullivan

Piera Fico
from Dina Fico

Janet Frost
from Gail and Barry Kaufman

Margaret Fuller
from Laurie Fuller

Marlyn Geisert
from Leslie Doyle

Janet Lee
from Stephanie Foster

JoAnn Loulan
from Tracy Sherman
from Norman Schwartz
from Pamela Dorrell

Joanne Madigan
from Paul Bellina

My sister Mary
from Donna Harris

Rachel Morello-Frosch’s birthday
from Peggy and Gary Dorfman
from Ruth and Alexander Weil

Julie Morgan
from Christopher Gantz

Anna Nowak
from Kristine Lange

Cindy Pacheco
from Kimron Thomas

Dorothy Polash
from Frank Woo

Faith Raider
from Barbara Raider

Gail Reed
from Jessica Ross

Rebecca Rowe
from David Fairchild

Ruby Seidl
from Karla Ebrahimi

Adrienne Torf’s birthday
from Joanne K. Stratton-Mamber
from Barbara Goldberg

Barbara Ulrich
from Ellen Melamed

Elaine Wise
from Erin Wise

from Shannon Shafer

The Women of Smith 1973
from Robbie Lipsman

Too many friends and relatives, and myself
from Jessea Greenman

from Sarah Andropoulos

Donations Made in Memory

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between March 25, 2015 – May 25, 2015.

Joyce Ambrosini
from Margaret G. Langston

Rita Arditti
from Barbara Rubin

Barbara Brenner
from Penelope Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser
from Nancy and Donald Grail
from Helen Love
from Patricia A. Murphy
from Laurie J. Woodard
from Susan Liroff
from Bella August

Frances Cameron Montgomery
from Elisabeth Rosen

Christina Cryan
from Thao Nguyen

Barbara Deitcher
from Mari Deitcher

Mel Delapine
from Marion Thurnauer

Christine Eisenhardt Gardner
from Kirsten Gardner

Richard Esposito
from Sylvia Baker

Sue Fine
from Joyce Bichler

Billie Gardner Loulan
from Tracy Sherman

Jeanette Goldfish
from Lauren Goldfish

Katherine “Tinka” Gordon
from Franklin Lowe
from Allen Toy
from Peter Mattson
from Melinda Winter
from Darin Lounds

Suzanne Hall Vogel
from Eve Vogel

Jean Hardisty
from Ellen Leopold

Laurel  Hedley
from Mary Hedley and Stephen P. Morrell

Cecile  Howard
from Mary Patricia Ryan
from Alexis Danzig
from Gary Howard
from Barbara Huggins
from Candie Wilderman
from F. David Constance
from Carole Sullivan
from Richard Synnott
from Margaret Gilmartin
from Lauren Goldfish

Karen  Hunter
from Maurin McCutchen

Mary Margaret Koch
from Claudia Mazzetti

Robert Leipsic
from Julie Miller

Ellen Lew
from Anonymous

Felicia Louie
from Anonymous

Roberta Lovenwirth
from Joan Donsky

My mother, Ellen Rice Lowery
from Margaret Lowery Walsh

Jane MacDuffie
from Monica Beardsley

Liz Marek
from Anne Thorkelson

Cheryl McMillan
from Donna Zacchero

Forestine Monsen
from Erin Wise

Mary Utne O’Brien
from Ingrid O’Brien

Ellen Palmer
from Marianne Sargent

My mother, Fay Parrish
from Donna Mysior

Teresa Peters
from Sean O’Connor

Bill Potter’s mother
from Julie Cowan and Neil Good

Joseph Priven
from Carole Priven

Mignon Richmond
from Simone Richmond

Kate Romani
from Nancy Dornenburg

Sarah Routte
from Lauren Goldfish

Beatrice Schorr
from Ethlynn Schorr

Kyra Shafran Griffitts
from Nina Shafran

Mirian Shapiro
from Dianne and Nelson Shapiro

Lucy Sherak
from Ken Fischer

Catherine Wallace Joseph
from A.  Lee Miller

Betsy Wood
from Frances Wood

Barbara Woolf
from Dotti Webb

My aunt, Dora
from Stephanie Schus

Too many friends and relatives
from Jessea Greenman

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