WATCH: 25 Years of Putting Women’s Health First

2015 marks Breast Cancer Action’s 25th anniversary. 25 years as the watchdog for the breast cancer movement. 25 years challenging the status quo in breast cancer. 25 years ensuring that women’s health comes first.

We honored our history of women’s health activism at our 25th anniversary event on October 8th. It was so inspiring and energizing to see the Breast Cancer Action community out in full force—founders’ families, decades-long donors, former Board and staff members, and activists who have been with BCAction since the early days. Together we honored the remarkable women who have been part of this work over a quarter century. And we remembered the powerful and often against-the-odds accomplishments over the last 25 years. Thank you for being part of this vital and important work to demand changes in the status quo and put women’s health first. Thank you to everyone who attended and gave so generously, and to those who couldn’t attend but were there in spirit.

To view the beautiful photos from the event, click here.

Watch the video below to learn more about Breast Cancer Action’s powerful history.

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