Member Perspective: “Are Women Pressured to ‘Look Good’ to Make Others ‘Feel Better’ about a Disease that’s Not So Pretty?”

Alma Williams for blog1By Alma Busby-Williams, BCAction Community Leader

While waiting for my next round of radiation, it seemed all of the magazines in the waiting room contained articles about looking good so you could feel better. As if all it would take for me to not notice the discoloration of my radiated breast, or the pain and blisters, was a new shade of lipstick.

It really made me wonder why women were still pressured to look good; is it to actually make everyone else feel better about a disease that’s not so pretty? Would men also be marketed this way?

And to top it all off, if I succumb to the ridiculous pressure of “looking good to feel better”, these cosmetic companies have the audacity to have toxins in their “pretty” products?! So, a more honest marketing strategy would be, “Look good to feel better, or at least die trying.”

A few words from me to the American Cancer Society and the Personal Care Products Council: “healthy is even prettier than a face colored with toxic cosmetics, but if you disagree, you’re free to look away while my healthy, (though plain) ass skips right on by you.”

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