Action Center and Program Update: Fall 2015

In addition to our 2015 Think Before You Pink® campaign, Poison Isn’t Pretty, we’ve been busy in the program department since our last newsletter. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been working on.

  • Take Action: Demand Strong Chemical Safety Reform: Each day, we’re all exposed to chemicals that increase our risk of breast cancer. That’s why we need true reform of our chemical safety laws which currently do not protect our health. An industry-friendly bill is set to make current regulations even worse, further endangering our health and further increasing our risk of breast cancer. This is unacceptable.
  • Take Action: Support the Lymphedema Treatment Act: Lymphedema is a common, debilitating side effect of breast cancer treatment. But not all women can afford the care they need. That’s why we’re joining our friends at the Lymphedema Advocacy Group in supporting the Lymphedema Treatment Act, which would require Medicare to cover lymphedema treatment. Tell your representative to support the Act today.
  • Take Action: Ban Fracking on Public Lands: More than 700 chemicals are used in the fracking process, and 25% of them are linked to cancer. That’s why we’re pushing for a fracking ban on public lands. Tell your Representative to co-sponsor the strongest piece of federal legislation against fracking to date.
  • PinkRibbonsIncPosterWatch: Free webinar: Pink Ribbons, Inc. and STINK!: Films that inspire change: On this webinar Ravida Din, producer of Pink Ribbons, Inc. and Jon Whelan, director of STINK! talk about what motivated them to make these game-changing films, dig into the problems of pinkwashing and toxic chemicals, and give you some concrete tools and ideas about how to change the injustices these films address.
  • Read: We Said NO to Speeding Ineffective and Unsafe Treatments to Market in the Name of Patients: At Breast Cancer Action, we have been calling for more effective, less toxic treatments since our founding. Why then are we opposed to the 21st Century Cures Act, an optimistically-named bill currently before Congress that claims to help patients?
  • Read: Statement Opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership: At first glance, a huge international trade deal seems far removed from the fear and urgency of a new breast cancer diagnosis. But the highly contested Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens the health and well-being of women, including breast cancer patients.
  • Blog Don't Frack with Our HealthRead: We Demanded the EPA Focus on Protecting Public Health—Not the Fracking Industry: By downplaying its findings of water contamination from fracking, the EPA provided cover for the fracking industry to continue to poison our drinking water with chemicals linked to a variety of health problems, including breast cancer. When the EPA finalizes its study, they need to focus on protecting public health—not the fracking industry—by highlighting and condemning drinking water contamination from fracking.
  • Read: American Cancer Society Screening Guidelines for Breast Cancer: Baby Step Toward Evidence-Based RecommendationsAfter years of relentlessly promoting annual mammography for women age 40 and older and overstating the benefits of early detection, the American Cancer Society, the nation’s largest cancer charity, is finally starting to follow the evidence on the limitations of routine breast cancer screening for women at average risk. This signals a decisive shift in the mainstream narrative about the harms and benefits of annual screening for women at average risk.
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