Donations in Honor & Memory: Fall 2015

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Donations Made in Honor

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between May 25, 2015 – November 13, 2015.

Abigail Arons
from Wendy Mnookin
from Melissa Robin

Alba Giron
from Kathryn Gilje

Allison Brisbin
from Kathleen Krust

Anne Somsel
from Raymond Carlson

Aunts Ha and Hang Dang
from Tin Do

Barbara Brenner
from Gerald Epstein

Billie Loulan
from Gardner Loulan

Brenge/Paul Wedding
from Kathryn Brengel

Corinne Lamata’s birthday
from Sarah Clift
from Patrick Delahunt
from Lorinda Drysdale
from Ann-Marie Hogan
from Marian Silva
from Guy Worthington

Cris Cottey
from Sara Emery

Dana Howeth
from Priscilla Rosenwald

Deb Wiedenheft
from Trish and Jo-Ann Morales

Deborah Behrakis
from Carole L. Mendelsohn

Denna Muller
from Jo Ann Muller
Diane Olds’ mother
from Carroll Estes

Elissa Arons
from Melissa Robin
from Jane Weingarten

Jane Zones
from Jean Stromberg

Janet Perkins
from Kathy Cotton

Jasmaine & Erik McClain
from Sarah Berke

Jennifer Curry
from Kimberly Friedman

JoAnn Loulan
from Gardner Loulan
from Diane Mosbacher
from Annie Noonan

Josie Scriven
from Louise Kurey

Joyce Bichler
from Vickie Dandridge
from Sue Tobachnik

Judy Steinfeldt
from Judy Steinfeldt

Julie Morgan
from Dawn Kittner

Karuna Jaggar
from Julia Brody
from Fisher Investments
from Margo Perin

Kathleen Toland
from Kimberly Friedman
from Kathleen Krust

Kyra Subbotin
from Laura Enriquez

Laura Corb
from Carol Dietz

Lisa Marks
from Linda Marks

Liz Miller
from Emily Hoyer

Lynda Tredway
from Paulette Saunders

Many Brave Women
from Elle Hoffnagel

Marianne Novy
from Liz Carrier

Marika Holmgren
from Margaret Stevenson

Marsha Grande
from Lorraine Brown

Megan Olsen
from Michelle Solomon

Melissa Adams
from Jessica Davidson

Nancy Osborn
from Mary Jean Babic

Naomi Grupp
from Beth A. Grupp

Rose Brown
from Linda Sue Johnson

Sandra Steingraber
from Julia Brody

Sarah Douglas
from Joan Hutchinson
from Marie Vitulli

Sarah Fenner
from Rosemary Barlow

Sharon Russell
from Kimberly Friedman

Sonia Varma Arora
from Usha Varma

Sue Wilson
from Eileen Schwartz

Susie Lampert
from Jobyna Dellar

The Moyce Family
from Thao Nguyen

Tracy Weitz
from Carroll Estes

Wave Geber
from Mitchell Gillman

Yvonne Gibbons
from Mary Modeste

Donations Made in Memory

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between May 26, 2015 – November 13, 2015.

Alma Borenstein Ohly
from Barbara B. Blumenthal

Anne Somsel
from Mary Barnes
from Clarice Begemann
from Janet Brodie
from Anna Broker
from Rob Carlson
from Lindsay Cook
from Stephanie Fitzgerald
from Joanna and Dimitri Gutas
from Mary D. Johnson
from Sally Joughin
from William Kessler
from Stephen Kobasa
from Faith Meixell
from Normand Morneau
from Joy Pepe
from Allie Perry
from Patricia Wallace
from Linda I. Williams

Barbara Brenner
from Michael Bien
from Barbara B. Blumenthal
from Caitlin Carmody
from Beth Chapman
from Susan Harlan
from Kira Jones
from Donna Korones
from Susan Liroff
from Joan MacQuarrie
from Sarah Moore
from Nancy Niedzielski
from Noreen Vera Purcell
from Penny Rosenwasser
from Brenda Salgado
from Nina Smith
from Jeanne Maddox Toungara
from Susan Vanneman

Beth Holman
from Lori Anders

Billie Loulan
from Dorothy Geoghegan
from JoAnn Loulan

Catherine (Kay) Bitterman
from Catherine Larose

Chryse Ann Glackin
from Bella D. August
from Naomi Imbrogno
from Connie Ohlsten
from Liana Tsenova
from Connie Yen
from Souk Youn

Dahlia Kuwayti
from Shannon Maher

Debra Mayo
from Sharon Sullivan

from Katina Joncich

Ellen Lew
from Anonymous

Eva Perkins
from Jana Pratt

Felicia Louie
from Anonymous

Grace Elizabeth Dryden
from Carol Hibbert-Swegle

Irene Renshaw Bradford
from Mary Cunningham

Jacquelyn Kolmodin
from Mary Flannigan

Jane Elisheva Berkman
from Yael Dvora Yanich

Jean Hardisty
from Ellen Leopold

Jeanette Koch
from Nene Koch

Judith Marie Wadsworth Helfant
from David Benaroya Helfant

Judy Felmeister
from Gail Shak

Kathy O’Brien
from Charles Grinnell

Kim Pistey
from Daisy Pistey-Lyhne

Linda L Reyes
from Haidee Reyes

Lucy Sherak
from Gladys Sherak

Maggie Marcean
from Darlene Peck

Marina Bermdez
from Mindy Goldman

Mary Beth Johnson
from Dennis Fong

Mavis Maher
from Shannon Maher

Myrna Kostant
from amy kostant

Nancy Osborn
from Deborah Fisch
Peggy Blynn
from Karen Grove

Rose Giannini
from Roseanne Giannini Quinn

Shirley DiLeva
from Nancy Niedzielski

Sofia, Pat & Madeleine
from Jeannine Esposito

Supporters of I Will Survive, Inc.
from Anisa Palmer

Susan Claymon
from Sandra Bressler
from Julie Gordon

Susan Elizabeth Warren Kunkler
from Misha Klein

Susan Stone
from Michelle Pearl

Tabitha Kavalew
from Mark Leier Valentine

Tanya Ngiman
from Brett Mangels

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