A Hell Rai$er’s Story

By BCAction Staff

Do you ever feel frustrated or mad about the billions spent on pink ribbon campaigns without seeing real change or progress? Ever feel like it’s time to raise some hell to help end the breast cancer epidemic? If so – check out this story from Breast Cancer Action member Kari Napoli. Kari is our newest Hell Rai$er for Health, a grassroots fundraising program we recently launched that makes it easy for members like you to ask your community to invest in our feisty activism for women’s health.

Kari Napoli

BCAction member Kari Napoli

“I’ve never fundraised for anything in my life, but a few months ago I discovered Breast Cancer Action and was so inspired by their work that I gathered my community together and we raised over $1,200 for this fierce, independent women’s health organization.

What surprised me is that not only was fundraising easier than I ever imagined, but I felt so inspired to be supporting the absolutely vital work of Breast Cancer Action.

The breast cancer epidemic can feel really overwhelming. Last year, two of my dear friends died of cancer and, like many people, I thought, ‘I have to do SOMETHING about this disease that is killing too many of our loved ones.’

My favorite hobby is archery, so I organized my archery community to do a donation-based archery lesson and a sponsorship-based competition. As I said, we raised over $1,200 for BCAction, had fun doing it, and honored the people we love.

I am so proud to fundraise for Breast Cancer Action and I hope you’ll join me. The possibilities are endless – knitting, painting, asking for donations for your birthday – and you can set your goal as big or small as you feel comfortable with. The awesome staff at BCAction will support you the whole way.”

If you’re interested in joining Kari on the Hell Rai$ers for Health fundraising team, sign up here. You’ll be supporting systemic change and health justice – rather than adding another drop to a sea of pink noise. We refuse corporate funding that would compromise our integrity, so the support of people like you is absolutely vital to our work.

Here’s to raising hell and ending the breast cancer epidemic.

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