Big Thank You to Member JoAnn Loulan

Peggy Orenstein JoAnn Loulan small

Luncheon host JoAnn Loulan (right) and guest panelist, author Peggy Orenstein.

Last week, BCAction member JoAnn Loulan, hosted the 12th Anniversary Billie Gardner Loulan Memorial Celebration in Portola Valley, CA. For 12 years, JoAnn has hosted this luncheon in memory of her mother and in honor of everyone who is affected by breast cancer. JoAnn is a former member of our Board of Directors and every year raises vital funding for our work at her wonderful luncheon.

Thank you to everyone who made this event such a success!

Karuna Jaggar, Lee Ann Slinkard, Elaine Costello, Vernal Branch

Executive Director Karuna Jaggar (left) and former Board members Lee Ann Slinkard, Elaine Costello, and Vernal Branch.

Luncheon Host
JoAnn Loulan

Home Host
Donna Dubinsky

Guest Panelists

  • Peggy Orenstein, New York Times best-selling author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter, Waiting for Daisy, and the forthcoming Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape
  • Marion Kavanaugh-Lynch, MD, MPH, Director of the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP)
Laurie Pomeranz and Meaghan Calcari Campbell

Laurie Pomeranz and Meaghan Calcari Campbell, special guest readers from Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS)

Special Guest Readers

  • Meaghan Calcari Campbell
  • Laurie Pomeranz

Special Guest Auctioneers

  • Elaine Costello
  • Julie Morgan

Huge thank you to the LaureL Foundation for the generous matching grant. The grant and the generosity of so many helped us raise $62,875! We value your early investment of the Billie Gardner Memorial Luncheon.

  • Patricia Brady
  • Dianne Brinson
  • Claudia Cappio
  • Diane Carr
  • Bonnie Crater
  • Sydney & Ron Crawford
  • Donna Dubinsky

    Host JoAnn Loulan, Laure Woods, and Ginny Sjoberg

    Host JoAnn Loulan (left), Laure Woods, and Ginny Sjoberg

  • Joan Finnegan
  • Stephanie & Fredric
  • Harman
  • Pan Haskins
  • Vivian Holley
  • Elizabeth Holmes
  • Lauren Koenig
  • Sharon Lockareff
  • Jenn Meyer
  • Karen & Scott Mobley
  • Dee Mosbacher
  • Judy Anderson Mullins
  • Patty Murray
  • Celia Oakley
  • JoAnn Ogden
  • Debra & Andrew Rachleff
  • Michelle &Roxy Rapp
  • Valerie & Michael Russell
  • Jennie Savage
  • Angela & Sam Schillace
  • Ginny Sjoberg
  • Bonnie & Andrew
  • Sterngold
  • Kyra Subbotin
  • Karen Tate
  • Carol Veder
  • Jane Sprague Zones

Lead Donors and Sponsors

  • LaureL Foundation
  • Stephanie and Fredric Harman
  • Karen Klein
  • Annie Noonan
  • Dorothy Polash & Kevin Edwards
  • Stefanie Trenchard

In-Kind Donors

  • Meaghan Calcari Campbell
  • Susie Fox
  • Nancy Freire
  • Larry McLaughlin
  • Laurie Pomeranz
  • Karen Samuels
  • Weir Catering
  • Laure Woods
  • Michealene Risley
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