Donations in Honor & Memory: Spring 2016

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Donations Made in Honor

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 14, 2015 – March 14, 2016.

1973 Smithies
from Roberta Lipsman

Abigail Arons
from Anonymous
from Elissa Arons

Alison Braverman
from Anonymous
from Vicki Green and Robert Curry

Alison Carlson
from Terri Burgess

All the Women
from Ronnie Sandler

Amy Halo
from Suzi Goldmacher

April Byard
from Kaylin Gundry

Barbara Dorsey
from Elaine Dorsey

Barbara Redding
from Diane Dodge

Barbara Tingey
from Erika Tingey

from Marie Garlock

Belle Shayer and family
from Liane Shayer

from Wendy’s 0013 Crew and Customers

Betsy Thaxton and Nancy Wood
from Lesley Mann

Beverly Canin
from Patricia Carroll

breast friends; for life
from Florie and Joseph Adiutori

Brenda Redman
from Melissa Justice

Brenda Roth, Debra Escobido, Mary Cullen
from Nikki Nahmens Gage

Caitlin Carmody
from Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow

Carol Elaine Beals
from Judith A. Schmitt

Carol Sheinfeld
from Ms. Susan Sheinfeld

Caroline Moore-Kochlas
from  Kellea Miller and Daniel Walmsley

Chrysler Glackin
from Madelene DeLeon

Cindy K. Duncan
from Janette Tom

Dara Arons
Elissa Arons

Deb Ruskay and Sue Clemente
from Kathleen Duffy

Denise Dauphinais
from Anonymous

Diana Curiel
from Carla Schick

Dianne Harris
from Jane Century

Donna Rosa
from Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Donna Van Hook
from             Karen King

Dorian Solot
from Suzanne Miller and Walter Vom Saal

Dorothy Polash and Kevin Edwards
from  Sunny Hartman

Dorothy Friedman
from Beth Friedman

Dorothy Geoghegan
from Joseph S. Conway

Dr. Dixie Mills
from Ms. Mary Schuermann

Dr. Lisa Jane Hardy
from Jane Dais

Ellen Schwerin
from Lee Sider

Emily Oppenheimer
from Janet Warren

Franny Wood
from Susan Wood

Gabi Weida
from Jess Weida

Garrett Smith, MD
from Adrienne Kernan

Gaye Doner Tudanger
from Joy Doner-Mazzeo

Ginger Nicols
from Julie Becker and Joshua Berlin

Greg and Pauline Freeman
from Jennifer E. and Jennifer McCarthy

Hilde Meislin
from Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Jane Matz
from Simona Ghirlanda

Janet Frost
from Barbara Wunsch
from  Gail and Barry Kaufman

Janice Fairchild
from David Fairchild

Janine Braak and Cindy Ward
from Douglas Braak

Jeannine Collins
from Barbara Thomason and Anna Crawford

Jenna Hasenkampf
from Anonymous

Joan Biren
from Barbara Lewis

Joan Melbostad
from Anonymous

Joann Loulan
from  Dr. Amy Agigian
from  Anonymous
from  Bonnie Sterngold
from  Debra and Andrew Rachleff
from  Diane Mosbacher and Nanette Gartrell
from  Emilia Schor
from  Jennifer Savage and John Dawson
from  Joan Finnigan and Mark Matteucci
from  JoAnn Ogden and Janet Luce

Joanne Yeaton
from Amanda Yeaton-Massey and Patricia Chu
from  Elinor Waxman

Jocelyn Sobieraj
from Jan and Jerome Sobieraj
from  Stephanie Sobieraj

Joyce Bichler
from Anonymous
from Roberta Elman
from Rosey and Stuart Rudnick

Judy Otto
from Ms. Gail Flackett

Judy Sweet
from Anonymous

Julie Morgan
from John and Jo Ann Morgan
from  Lori Geonimo

Kaky Tiblier
from Diane Beeson

Karuna Jaggar
from Ms. Maryann Hickelton

Karuna Jaggar
from Ron and Rebecca Yee

Kathy Klos
from Anonymous

Katie Borcz
from Anonymous

Kendra Klein
from Nancy and Roger Klein

Lesley Atlansky
from James Wanket

Linda Baralt
from John and Anna Moyer

Linda Studebaker
from Donne and Sonny Davis

Lise Faillettaz
from Kurt Peters

Lori Baralt
from Beth Cory

Lori Baran
from Ruth Freedman

Lori Leigh Gieleghem
from Karen Merritt

Lori Prescott
from Jane Goodman

Lucy Sherak
from Hannah and Don Sherak

Marcia Cohen
from David Cohen

Margot Friedman
from Maryann K. Friedman

Marilyn Poor
from Judith Pierce

Mary Ann Verkamp
from Terri Morris Downs

Mary Hanlon and Wendy Southorn
from Susan Mitchell

Meg Conkey
from Alicechandra Fritz and Jeff Hazeltine

Melinda Shaw
from Margaret P. Babbott

Michelle Solomon
from Marylou Bjorkman

Micki Greenspan
from Anonymous

Molly Westrate
from Ginny Kavanaugh

My Darling Wife
from  Jean-Noel Gallardo

my mom a surviver battling stage 4 at 80!
from Laurie Fuller

Nanci Grail
from   Nickie Hilbert

Pauline Peele & Greg Freeman’s 40th Anniversary
from  Staci Selinger
from  Jutta Grasso
from  Tina P. Shone

Peggy Eisenstein
from  Ilyse Fein

Peggy Huston
from  Anonymous
from  Hugh Holden

Rachel Silvers
from Anonymous

Raven Stevens
from Lynne Wittenberg

Rebecca Arons
from Elissa Arons

Reggie Hepp
from Mona Nicoll

Renetia Martin
from Joseph F. Massey

Roberta Gelb
from Ms. Rosemary Reilly

Robin Smallberg
from Jan Herzog

Ruth Weisz
from Judith Weisz

Sandy Toponce
from Ammette Lance
from Arthur P Duffy

Sarah A. Douglas
from Marie Vitulli

Sarah Kilpatrick
from Lynn Rigney Schott and Stephen Shott

Sarah Marx
from Claire and Cornelius Marx

Sheila Breslin
from Susan Rosen

Stacy M. Goldsby
from Sharon Barnett and Victor M. Barnett

from Anonymous

Stephanie, Beth, Mom, Tellelyn, Hope, Marianne, Ilene, Shelley, and so very many othe
from Anonymous

Sumita Jaggar
from Kathleen Corcoran

Susan Claymon
from Amanda and David Hirko

Susan Cohen
from Ms. Andi Gladstone

Susie Lampert
from Elaine Elinson and Rene CiriaCruz
from Judith Norsigian and Janna Zwerner

Susie Lampert and Barbara Brenner
from Anonymous

The Athey grandchildren
from Coral J. Fry

The BCAction Incredible Staff
from Zoe Christopher

the hard working BCA staff and volunteers
from Elle Hoffnagel and Terry J. Murphy

Tina Barnes
from Betsy Aubrey and Steve Lichtenberg

Toni Babbitz
from Marci Greenstein

too many
from Christie Masterjohn

too many friends
from  Wendy Gerstel

Tracy Weitz
from  Susan Berke Fogel

Victoria Schwartz
from Elisa Schwartz

Vonn Quayle
from Karen Marble-Hall and Karen Hall
from Kellea Miller and Daniel Walmsley

Donations Made in Memory

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between November 14, 2015 – March 14, 2016.


Three of my yoga teachers have died of breast cancer
from  Anonymous

Adrienne Alley
from  Rose Loveday

Alexandra Garcia-Freeman
from Michelle Garcia

Alma Warner
from Kathryn Davis

Amy Grabel
from Sandy Bailey and Liz Nania

Anna M. Roos
from Anonymous

Anne Rosenbaum
from Neshama Franklin

Anne Somsel
from Deborah Elkin
from  Deidre Gruber
from  Ellen Rubin
from Janet Brodie
from Polito & Associates
from Sarah Forman
from Sandra Shaner
from  Scott Weiss

Babs Attard
from Theresa Attard

Barbara Brenner
from Anonymous (5)
from Brenda Eskenazi and Eric Lipsitt
from Caitlin Carmody
from Carl and Gay Grunfeld
from Cheri Bryant
from Constance Finney
from Deborah J. Marx
from Diana Oswald
from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner
from Ellen Hickey
from Ellen Seeherman and Stuart Sloame
from Estelle Disch
from Heather and Kitt Sawitsky
from Jan and Jerome
from Jane Sprague and Stacey Zones
from Janet and Richard Sommer
from Jeffrey Goldberg
from Joan MacQuarrie and Ellen Slack
from Kellea Miller and Daniel Walmsley
from Kira Jones
from Laurie J. Woodard
from Leonie and Glen Janken
from Linda Scaparotti
from Lorie Nachlis and Abby Abinanti
from Louisa Castner
from Marsha Bergman
from Mary Law
from Meriel and Ellen Lindley
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens
from Nancy Pemberton and Jeff Parker
from Nickie Hilbert
from Norman and Adrienne Schlossberg
from Ronnie Caplane
from Sara Markel and Lloyd Altman
from Sandra Coliver
from Stan Yogi and David Carroll

Barbara DeLuca
from Julie Becker and Joshua Berlin

Barbara Heit
from Herva Bunny Schwartz

Bart Weigel
from Rebecca Weigel

Becky Wexler
from Beth Grossman

Bess Krepistman Levine
from Susan Laskin

Betsey Scharlack
from Judy and Ralph Cohen

Betty and Lester Goldstein
from Lori Polacek

Betty Turner
from Ms. Phyllis Lawrence

Beverly Israel
from  Jill C. Israel

Billie Gardner Loulan
from JoAnn Ogden and Janet Luce

Blanche Carruth
from Corinne Wick

Brenda Ross
from Sandra Morris

Brenda Roth
from Eleanor Barrett

Carol Cabell
from Noemi Levine

Carol Fisher
from Patricia Marida

Cherrie Donola and Dallas
from  Anonymous

Cheryl Mcmillan
from Donna Zacchero

Christine Tamblyn
from Ruth Tamblyn

Clara Ann Oser
from Susan Oser

Colleen McDermott
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris

Connie and Judith Harris
from Dona and Joseph Santo

Constance Breza
from Teri Mae Rutledge

Cornelia Naumovitz
from Dr. Debra Naumovitz

Daniel Arons
from Susan Brown

Darlene Klaif
from Chris Harris and Sally Hand

Deena Glass
from Marty R. Sochet and Carol Jenkins

Dolores Rhodes
from Anonymous

Doris W. Freidin
from Ralph and Miriam Freidin M.D.

Ed and Rita Tobachnik
from Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow

Edward Geib
from  Doris and Stanley Long

Eileen Palsser
from Anne Brennan

Elenore Pred
from Julia Tower
from Cynthia Clinkingbeard and Susan Barkis
from Mimi Klausner

Eli Golvin-Klein
from Eve Meyer

Ellen Lew
from Anonymous

Emily Caigan
from Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman

Erin Hyman
from Laurie Pomeranz

Ester Okin
from Anonymous

Esther Rome
from Judith Norsigian and Janna Zwerner

Evelyn Fields
from Anonymous

Felicia J. Louie
from Anonymous

Flora Gursky Stolzberg
from Dafna Wu

Frances Sell
from Lisette and Greg Lehman

Frances M. Wilcox
from  Emily Hoyer and Bonnie Faigeles

Genae Girard
from Michele Burton

from Anonymous

Gloria Corado
from Evelyn Hernandez

Gracia Anna Buffleben
from George J. Buffleben

Jackie Kohl
from Dora C. Weaver

Jackie Winnow
from Helen Vozenilek

Jaime Guy
from Marsha Bergman

Jane Walker Milburn
from Martha Ward and Alec Evans

Janet Gray
from Audrey H. Webb

Janice Eleanor Iezzi
from  Diane and Tom Kilker
from Edmond Dougherty
from Kathy Sexson
from Terri Pettiford
from Katharine Tannahill
from Thomas Southmayd

Jaymee Anderson
from Lauren Levy

Jean Hoff
from Anonymous

Jeanette Moore
from Sylvia and Daniel Harris

Jennifer Stodden
from Joseph Queirolo

Jo Renzi
from Susan Thompson French

Joyce Ambrosini
from Margaret Langston

Judee King
from Linda Kettler

Judi Bari
from Ms. Wendy Tanowitz

Judith Ann Hadley
from Ann Smith

Judith Holdsworth
from Anonymous

Judith Steele
from Jennifer Silverman

Judy Felmeister
from Gail and Steven Shak

Karolee Lehman
from Lisette and Greg Lehman

Kate E. Anderson
from Maria Sickinger

Kathy Haycock
from Cynthia Reed Buck

Kathy O’Brien Franks
from Charles Grinnell

Katie Allen
from Margaret Rossoff

Katie Allen
from Stuart Kandell

Kay Blair
from Donna Brogan

Lara Barbara
from Kristen Madonia

Laurie Becklund
from Linda Hunt

Lija Gese
from Anonymous

Linda Azer
from Nick Azer

Linda Baralt
from Carlos Baralt
from Ernest and Mary Baralt
from Susie Goldberg
from Evelyn Hernandez

Linda Dyer
from Anonymous

Lois Keck
from Mrs. Carol Keck

Loretta Byrd
from Liisa Lyon and John Einstoss

Loryn Zinn Morton
from Robert Morton

Lucy Fischer
from Marylin T. Kelley

Lulu Escoto
from Ophelia and Kit Ebert

Martha Dayley
from Sarah Tannehill

Martha Price
from Jennifer and Janis Abbingsole

Marie Thompson
from Susan Thompson French

Mary Ann Lindsen
from Kasey Hansen

Mary Madison
from James Madison

Mary Strickland
from Danielle Thorpe

May Elinson
from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner

Melissa Quan and Cynthia Jameson
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Micky Wolfe
from  Virginia Wolfe

Mimi Gray
from Victoria Gray

Molly Ivins
from Evelyn Jo Wilson and Carol Bennett

My grandmother and all patients I work with fighting this disease
from  Anonymous

My mother Carolyn Fraser
from Carrie Whitney

Noah Wolfson
from Alice Wolfson

Norma Peterson
from Cynthia Dorfman

Pearl Barnett
from Judi Ekblad

Rachel Carson
from Britta Reida

Renee Gibbons
from Dierdre Lynch
from Ruth and Ms. Lisa Brinker

Rita Arditti
from  Tatiana Schreiber
from Estelle Disch

Robert Waldman and Yetta Waldman
from Helayne Waldman

Sally Erwin
from Michelle Mehta

from Lynda Stevens

Sandy Toti-Escobar
from Evelyn Gertler

Sara V. Allison
from Margaret Langston

Sarah deHaaff
from Sarah and Greg Dehaaff
from Wendy Lichtman

Selma Butter
from Marsie Scharlatt

Sherrie Kelley
from Anonymous

Spindle Corey
from Ms. Sunsh Stein

Stella Szternfeld
from Helen Szterenfeld

Susan Claymon
from Harvey and Judy Barnett
from Judi Ekblad

Susan Nowels
from Sarah Vradenburg

Susan Stone
from Diana L. Etshokin
from Ellen Schwerin
from Kirsten Rhodes

Susan Tygel
from Ellen Sue Jacobson

Suzanne McGuinn
from Brian McGuinn

Sylvia G. Rickard
from Anonymous

Tal Lamdan
from Anonymous

Tina Ruppel
from  Col. John L. Ruppel

Trudy Goldau
from Anonymous

Virginia Morgan
from Anonymous

Wendy Repass Suozzo
from Elizabeth Peck Repass Holmes

Yaakov Gidalia Ben Moshe
from Anonymous

Yetta Waldman
from Helayne Waldman

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