Free Webinar: A Closer Look at Breast Cancer Walks

Alyssa Figueroa 2015 for EALERTBy Alyssa Figueroa, Breast Cancer Action Campaigns Coordinator

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come together to participate in breast cancer walks and runs in cities across the U.S.

Some of these walks have become huge affairs that are hosted by multi-million dollar charities and sponsored by multi-billion dollar corporations that raise millions to “end breast cancer.” And yet each year in the U.S., 250,000 women still get diagnosed with breast cancer and 40,000 women still die of this disease. Given the huge amounts of money being raised from these events, why weren’t we making more progress on breast cancer?

Join our next free Think Before You Pink® webinar, Exercise Your Mind, on April 25th & April 27th to learn more about the politics of breast cancer walks and runs and how we can demand accountability and transparency in breast cancer fundraising. Joining me on the webinar will be Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy and Jeanette Koncikowski, one of BCAction’s Community Leaders for Change.

Register for Monday April 25th at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT OR Wednesday April 27th at 10am PDT/1pm EDT

Can’t make it at either of these times? No worries; register anyway, and I’ll send you a recording of the webinar so you can tune in whenever is convenient for you.
I hope to “see” you there.

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