We’ve created quite the ruckus about breast cancer walks

300px FINAL VISUALBy Alyssa Figueroa, Campaigns Coordinator

Over the last few weeks, you’ve helped us create quite a ruckus about breast cancer walks. We’ve been asking important questions about these fundraising events—and we couldn’t have gotten the word out without you.

Thousands have read our new “4 Questions to Ask Before You Walk for Breast Cancer” resource because you helped spread the word far and wide.

Our questioning even made it in The Washington Post. Read our executive director Karuna Jaggar’s op-ed here. Karuna was also asked to appear on NPR’s Here & Now radio show, which you can listen to here. Our work even collectively pressured Avon into releasing a statement, (though, they didn’t actually answer our questions).

Thank you also for sharing your personal stories to inspire others to think critically about breast cancer walks. Our Community Leader Jeanette Koncikowski even had her powerful story picked up by feminist media outlet Bitch Media.

You also attended and spread the word about our latest webinar , which took a closer look at the history and politics around breast cancer walks.

Together, we’ve made a lot of noise about why organizations that put on these walks—especially multi-million dollar breast cancer charities like Komen, Avon and the American Cancer Society—need to do better.

But our work is not done.

We hope you’ll continue to use these resources and stories to ask questions about breast cancer walks and encourage others to do so, too. If you can’t answer the questions to your satisfaction, consider volunteering for or donating directly to a breast cancer organization that is doing work you think is important. You can also host a film screening of the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. with friends and family to learn more about the breast cancer movement.

And, as always, take action to demand change. If you want answers to these questions, contact the breast cancer charity you are considering contributing to and demand answers—and if you don’t like their answers, demand that they change their ways.

Through our Think Before You Pink® campaign, we’ll continue to put pressure on breast cancer industry giants to be transparent and accountable to women at risk of and living with breast cancer.

Thank you for joining us in challenging widely held beliefs and demanding better for women.

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