Donations in Honor & Memory: Summer 2016

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Donations Made in Honor

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between March 15, 2016 – June 15, 2016.

Abigail Arons
from Abigail Breckenridge
from Anonymous
from Christie George
from Dr. Samantha Gottlieb
from Emma Tsui
from Kim Clark
from Lainie Rutkow
from Linda Olstein
from Lynne Golomb
from Margaret Gilson
from Margaret Ross Link and Dr. David Link
from Marie Dunn
from Marlys and Donald Bennett
from Mary Joyce Perskie
from Rebecca Widiss and Rajesh Nayak
from Sally Padden
from Susan Joslow
from Terry Holzman
from Wendy Mnookin

Abigail Arons and Elissa Arons
from Debbie Collier

Abigail Arons and her family
from Eleanor Herzog

Acting Out
from Mady Shumofsky

All women who have suffered the effects of breast cancer
from Laura Sayen

Ann Louise Murray-Ryznar
from Kim Bean

Anna’s partner
from Margo Perin

Beverly Canin
from Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester

Deborah Ann Couch
from Anonymous

Donna Sadin
from Barbara D. Krause and H. Alan Krause

Elizabeth Cook
from Jessica Livingston

Evelyn Katz
from Virginia Franco

Franny Wood
from Margaret Wood

Grandma Lala and Julie Morgan
from Aisling Harvey

Her mother
from Laura Beth Foster

Jess Weida
from Cassidy Fletcher

from Miranda Spencer

Joanne Madigan
from Anonymous

Judi Bari and Molly Ivins
from Liz Helenchild

Juliann Johannsen
from Tim O’Donnell

Julie Morgan
from Christy Dant
from Ellen Maxon
from Joanie Breen Poertner

Julie Solnit
from Arlis and Erv Grossman

Karen Klein
from Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden
from Wilma Bass

Kate Madonna Hindes
from Dan Hindes

Kathy and Dave Volin
from Mitchell Chanin

Kay Tiblier
from Diane Beeson

Laura Crystal
from Catherine Crystal Foster

Linda Fitzpatrick and Betsy Brunwick
from Virginia Leung Price

Linda Gershenson
from David Cohen

Lorri Hover
from James Butler and Dorothy Hall

Madeleine Severin
from Judith Goldberger

Madeline Kanner
from Margaret Rose Draeger

Margot Friedman
from Ms. Amy Cotton

Marianne E. Olds
from Jacqueline Olds

Mother and siblings
from Karen Marble-Hall

My mother
from Elle Hoffnagel and Terry J. Murphy

My mother Sushila Prasad
from Jason Prasad

Oncology nurses
from Dianne Romanos

Ramona DiVera
from David Nordstrom

Rebecca Boughamer, Cheryse Skiles, Kathy Casey
from Melissa Amato

Roberta Gelb
from Anonymous
from Ms. Sylvia Moritz

Rose Heifetz
from Diane Zacher

Ruth Leys
from Josie Vendramini

Shobita Parthasarathy
from Evelyn Alsultany

Sisters and Nieces
from Dylan Jaggar

Susie Lampert
from Angela Wall, Andrew Rivera and Frances Wall
from Irma Herrera and Mark D. Levine
from Terry Kraus

Susie Morris, Gloria Rosenthal, Eval Stoffel, and Merle Fincher
from Robin Toews

Donations Made in Memory

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between March 15, 2016 – June 15, 2016.

“My girl from Brooklyn, NY!”
from Cara Ghigliotty

Albert Weitz
from Kathleen Weitz

Amy Bonoff
from Suzanne Hicks

Barbara Brenner
from Alma Geiger
from Beth Chapman
from Cathy R. Kornblith
from Deborah Osmond
from Diana Sosa
from Ellen Hickey
from Ellen Leopold and Lynne Walker
from Helen Love
from Irma Herrera and Mark D. Levine
from Jane Sprague and Stacey Zones
from Joan Levison
from Kira Jones
from Phyllis Hatfield
from Tom Reilly and Kevin James

Barbara Dershowitz
from Annette Silver

Beatrice Schorr
from Ethlynn Schorr and David Baida

Beth Holman
from Lori and Eric Anders

Billie Aul
from Sharon Wilensky

Carol Ruth Sheinfeld
from Ms. Susan Sheinfeld

Charles’ Mom on the day of his birth
from Jennifer Losaw

Christine Tamblyn
from Ruth Tamblyn

Constance, mother
from Cynthia Marcopulos

Deanna DiNallo
from Traci Townsend

Debra Singleton, Escatawpa, MI
from G Lynn Huber

Doris Freidin
from Ralph Freidin M.D.

Dr. Marti Nelson
from Anonymous

Elenore Pred
from Julie Gottschalk

Ellen Lew
from Anonymous

Elizabeth Delgado
from Marla Stein

Ella Mermelstein
from Sandy Mermelstein

Ellen Palmer
from Marianne Sargent

Ellen Rice Lowery
from Margaret Lowery Walsh

Erin Hyman
from Laurie Pomeranz

Eunice Smith
from Doris and Stanley Long

Felicia J. Louie
from Anonymous

Janet Griese
from Robin Ryan

Janice Luppi
from Monica Luppi

Judy Dern
from Cindy Dern

Kady Schwartz’s sister
from Jennifer Rothchild

Kathy Haycock
from Cynthia Reed Buck

Karen Caskey
from Margie Ryne

Krisida Taylor
from Sharon Barnett and Victor M. Barnett

Linda Kristine Lamb
from Margo L. Arcanin

Loved ones
from Anonymous

Lucia Centrone
from Dora C. Weaver

Mandy Stephenson
from Marie Varnet

Marlyn Geisert
from Leslie Doyle

Mary Elizabeth Johnson
from Dennis Fong

Marybeth Gallagher
from Miss Barbara Maher

Mary Jo Renzi and Marie Thompson
from Susan Thompson French

May Elinson
from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner

My mum
from Linda Burnett

My sister Kyra
from Nina Shafran

Nancy Baker Walter
from Catherine Teare and Christina Lahey

Pat Hejtmanek
from Rory Hejtmanek

Patricia Stocking Brown
from Anonymous

Rita Ann Ordille
from Nola Lorincz

Rita Arditti and Barbara Brenner
from Estelle Disch

Ronnie Moss
from Anonymous

Rose Yang
from Angeline Yang

Sue Sam
from Judy and Floyd Sam

Susan Claymon
from Michael Claymon

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