Welcome New Board Member: Kate-Madonna Hindes

Kates PhotoThis spring, we welcomed Kate-Madonna Hindes onto our Board of Directors and we are excited to introduce you to her. Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is a remarkable group of people who set the vision for BCAction and lead the organization by determining organizational policy, assuring the organization’s financial security, and representing BCAction’s views to the world at large. For information about joining our Board of Directors, click here.

Kate-Madonna HIndes lives in St. Paul, Minnesota where she is the owner of Girl Meets Geek Media. In her role as a national public relations expert, she’s been writing about pinkwashing and the sexualization of breast cancer since 2009, encouraging women through social media to speak out and make a difference. She’s interested in shifting the focus in breast cancer towards the METS community and women of color as well as others typically marginalized by the mainstream breast cancer movement.

Hindes is the founder of beenthererockedthat.org, an HPV education network and is a cancer survivor and BCRA -2 genetic mutation carrier.

As a child, Kate-Madonna was adopted. Medical records revealed that her birth mother had breast cancer at a very young age. After Kate-Madonna herself was diagnosed with cervical cancer in her early twenties, genetic testing revealed that she carries the BCRA 2 gene mutation. Several bouts of cervical region cancer eventually became anal pre-cancer. In 2011, after being denied coverage by her insurance company, and finding herself with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of cancer bills, she spent time in Washington D.C. lobbying support for the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s what Kate-Madonna had to say about joining our all-volunteer Board of Directors:

As a patient, I was overwhelmed with questions about the cancer industry. I couldn’t comprehend how organizations that claimed to want to help women, were giving away or selling products containing harmful chemicals that increase our risk of the disease, and worse. Like so many members, the Think Before You Pink® critique of the cancer industry spoke to me in a way no other campaign did.

I want to continue to speak out about health inequities and accessibility with an organization I truly believe in. BCAction has a proven track record of calling out BIG corporations and following the science. They are the watchdog for the breast cancer industry, they tell the truth; they are accountable, transparent and ethical in empowering ways. To be completely honest, working with BCAction has been a goal of mine. I want to not just create ripples; I want to help BCAction reach more women, who will engage in deeper conversations that will dig beyond the surface level issues. I want to help push new laws, new ways of thinking and new behaviors into effect.

I sit on a few boards with organizations that I care about deeply but I’m really excited to work with the women of Breast Cancer Action. I recently spent 3 days with my fellow board members and the staff of BCAction, and I encountered these fierce, intelligent and vocal advocates who personify all that BCAction stands for. I truly look forward to supporting BCAction in ways that will further their mission and support their excellent work.  I’m very excited to be a part of their future.

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