Demand Access for Lymphedema Treatment

By Alyssa Figueroa, Campaigns Coordinator

250pxltaThere is only a short time left to help pass the Lymphedema Treatment Act before the new administration takes over.

Tell your Congressmembers to co-sponsor this important legislation today.

Two out of every five women treated for breast cancer develop lymphedema within five years of surgery. When lymph nodes are removed or damaged during breast cancer treatment, they can cause blockages, which can lead to lymphedema—a condition that causes painful swelling in a woman’s arm.

People with lymphedema need compression supplies to control their swelling. Currently, Medicare and some private insurance companies don’t cover the costs of these supplies, leaving those who can’t afford them to suffer with this condition.

TakeAction 2015The Lymphedema Treatment Act would stop this injustice by changing Medicare law to cover compression supplies—setting a precedent for Medicaid and other insurers to do the same.

As Congress prepares for passing their last laws before the new administration takes over, the Lymphedema Treatment Act has a significant number of cosponsors. Now, we need a final push to get this important bill passed once and for all.

All women deserve access to comprehensive lymphedema treatment. Now is the time to tell your Congressmembers to cosponsor this important legislation.

Thanks for taking action on this important issue.

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2 Responses to Demand Access for Lymphedema Treatment

  1. Vel Jaeger says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention ~ as a member of a retired military family, I’ve been made all too aware of the loss of coverage since our primary coverage has changed from TRICARE to MEDICARE [or whatever remains of the latter after the Trumpeter administration takes office]. I have a feeling that TRICARE FOR LIFE [the special division that becomes a secondary payer for retirees, and can cover up to 75% for services & supplies not covered by MEDICARE] will be facing a hefty rise in claims. Are there any pamphlets with this information? Even if this first attempt at legislation fails, I can always slap on a sticker with, “THERE’S ALWAYS THE NEXT CONGRESS” or a similar sentiment. There’s an advantage to a physical entity that keeps the process active, no matter what it looks like after traveling in the bottom of my purse. Meanwhile, I’ll print out this article to share the facts, as I have a terrible memory for details.

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