More Than Ever, We Need Independent Watchdogs

shobita-sidebarBy Shobita Parthasarathy, Breast Cancer Action Board Member

In my work as a professor and researcher at a public university, I study the politics of genetics, biotechnology, and intellectual property. I see firsthand why we can’t take for granted that new science and technology will benefit the public interest.

Now more than ever, your health and mine depend on independent watchdogs like Breast Cancer Action. Donate now to support their vital work standing up for patients’ interests. I love Breast Cancer Action because this organization is fearless. They don’t just sit back and assume that new science and technology will serve patients’ interests. They go beyond the hype of headlines and work relentlessly to ensure that science and technology really do benefit women’s health.

And Breast Cancer Action is never afraid to speak truth to power and go toe-to-toe with giant corporations to protect your health. They need your support to do this important work. Please make your year-end donation right now.

After researchers discovered the “breast cancer genes,” Myriad Genetics, a huge biotech corporation, got patents on these genes. Breast Cancer Action rightly argued that Myriad’s corporate monopoly on these genes hampered breast cancer research and made it difficult for people to access genetic testing.

Breast Cancer Action was the only breast cancer group that dared to challenge this corporate giant in court. They joined scientists, healthcare providers, and civil liberties groups to take Myriad Genetics all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won. This was a huge win for women’s health.

Make a donation right now to fund Breast Cancer Action’s game-changing work for women’s health. 

Breast Cancer Action can do work like this because they refuse corporate funding from any company that contributes to or profits from breast cancer, like Myriad Genetics. I can’t tell you how rare—and how important—this independence is.

I am so proud to support Breast Cancer Action. I hope you’ll join me in funding the work of this irreplaceable organization.

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