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Beverly sidebarBy Beverly Canin, Breast Cancer Action Board Member

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, I was confused, like so many of us, by the huge volume of conflicting information out there about this disease. I was fortunate to find a local survivor-driven organization to help me through the early years and turn me into an advocate.

But there was something missing. I was frustrated by the widespread hypocrisy and lack of accountability in the world of breast cancer.

Several years after my diagnosis, I found Breast Cancer Action and immediately recognized its unique national role in speaking truth to power.

Breast Cancer Action cannot be bought. It refuses funding from pharma, biotech, and any other company profiting from—or contributing to—breast cancer.

We need independent voices like Breast Cancer Action. Please make a year-end donation today.

I am proud to serve on Breast Cancer Action’s Board of Directors and am proud of the many highly visible successes we’ve had in confronting industry and government for the benefit of patients.Less visible, but at the core of our mission, is our invaluable Information and Resource service, which has served thousands of individuals looking for unbiased, patient-centered information about breast cancer. I know that anyone who calls Breast Cancer Action can trust the information they get about treatment, diagnosis, and risk reduction because Breast Cancer Action isn’t in the pocket of any industry or corporation.

Breast Cancer Action evaluates evidence on new drugs and devices based on what patients care about, unlike many organizations that parrot the party line of pharmaceutical companies.Your donation is vital for Breast Cancer Action to continue advocating for patient interests.

In my decades as a breast cancer advocate, I have been dedicated to activism at many levels and I can tell you that Breast Cancer Action is absolutely crucial for helping women get unbiased, patient-centered information about breast cancer. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this important organization with a year-end donation today.

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