Think Before You BUY Pink

By Kira Jones, Communications Officer

Corporations are making billions off of pink ribbon products each year.

Too many pink ribbon promotions benefit corporations’ bottom lines far more than they help women living with and at risk of breast cancer. This is one reason we call October Breast Cancer Industry Month. And it’s why we developed our Critical Questions for Conscious Consumers, to give people who care about breast cancer the tools to figure out where the money from pink ribbon purchases really goes.

Download our wallet cards, so you have these Critical Questions at your fingertips this October and beyond.

Our wallet cards make it easy to figure out if a pink ribbon product is exploiting concern about breast cancer for corporate profit. It’s not enough for companies to slap pink ribbons on their products and assure us they care about breast cancer.

Download your Critical Questions wallet cards now. And tell your friends to get theirs so they’re ready for the onslaught of Pinktober.

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