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By Tibby Reas Hinderlie, Communications Officer

Breast Cancer Action was started thirty years ago by a handful of women, living with and dying from breast cancer, who saw breast cancer not as an individual problem but as a public health crisis requiring systemic solutions. Since then, we’ve grown into an independent, rapid response watchdog organization working for lasting system change. Our independence – our refusal to accept funds from any corporation that profits from or contributes to breast cancer – means you can always trust that we will put your health first.
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This year, we released two major publications that address the breast cancer epidemic from two ends of the spectrum— working to protect people at risk of breast cancer by focusing on prevention through system change, and supporting people diagnosed with breast cancer with evidenced-based, supportive resources.
Why We Must Stop Fossil Fuels looks at one of the ways to stop cancer before it starts—by ending our reliance on fossil fuels. The factsheet and infographic both illustrate how every stage of fossil fuel use, from production to the manufacture of byproducts such as plastics, contributes to an increase in breast cancer risk.
Our Toolkit to Navigate Breast Cancer is packed with unbiased, essential information and resources for newly diagnosed people, their caregivers, and anyone who wants to know more about breast cancer. This two-part resource includes balanced information about screening and treatment, tools to help formulate questions for healthcare providers, and more.
And, throughout the year, our free podcasts and webinars bring one-of-a-kind content and analysis to issues including: the environmental links to breast cancer, how cancer care can be more equitable across the gender and sexual spectrum, and the connection between chronic stress, including systemic racism, and cancer. We talk to scientists, providers, thought leaders, activists, and people living with breast cancer to expose the truth about the breast cancer industry and give you tools you can use to make a difference.

Seventy percent of our support comes from individuals like you. Thanks to you, we have remained an independent voice amidst the endless sea of lucrative breast cancer charities, corporations that profit off breast cancer, and pharmaceutical-funded research agendas. The independent voice that defines Breast Cancer Action has never been more urgently needed. Please make your year-end gift today.
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