Here’s how to celebrate today

By Marj Plumb, DrPH, Interim Executive Director

First Name, let me get right to the point. While we all cheer that this is the last day of a truly challenging year for the entire world, I hope you will join me in closing it out on a high note – with a donation to Breast Cancer Action.
As I close out 2020 as Breast Cancer Action’s Interim Executive Director—during a year that revealed the importance, the challenges, and the limits of our country’s healthcare system and many of our public health policies—I can attest to the outsized impact that the Breast Cancer Action team continues to have. And I know with your contribution, BCAction can do even more next year. My wife Tracy and I will be supporting the organization and I hope you will too.
Three photos of Breast Cancer Action activists.

With your support, Breast Cancer Action will continue to:

  • Build on this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign to urge the new Biden/Harris administration to prioritize the breast cancer epidemic, including educating everyone on the connection between environmental exposures and breast cancer risk.
  • Advocate for new safe and effective treatments for breast cancer while also working to stop breast cancer before it starts.
  • Provide compassionate, evidence-based analysis and information through our Information & Resources service.

Your year-end donation will ensure the organization’s next Executive Director has the resources and support they need to build upon this work and to reimagine the next steps for BCAction now and in the coming year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and thank you for your support.

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