Last Chance

By Lopa Pal, Development Manager

Wow. I’m filled with anticipation and gratitude right now. Thanks to supporters like you, we are well on our way to finishing the year strong and being ready for 2021. And you still have a few hours to help. Please chip in with a year-end donation by midnight tonight.

Three photos of Breast Cancer Action activists.

Thirty years ago, Breast Cancer Action started as a small group of women who saw breast cancer not as an individual problem but as a public health crisis requiring systemic solutions. Since then, our radical disruption and compassionate resistance has changed the conversation around breast cancer. Pinkwashing has become a household word, people are demanding corporate transparency, and the truth about the environmental links to breast cancer is finally getting the attention it needs.

More and more people understand that systemic change is the only way that we will address and end the breast cancer epidemic.

On behalf of the whole Breast Cancer Action team, thank you for your support. We look forward to what we will achieve together in 2021.

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