Sign the card, get a sticker

By Jayla Burton, Program Officer

Let the Biden-Harris team know that ending the breast cancer crisis must be a priority for the administration!
Add your name now and we’ll mail you two Breast Cancer Action stickers in appreciation for you taking action with us! Wear them on a shirt or stick them on a notebook – either way, our stickers show that YOU are a breast cancer activist.

As breast cancer activists, we’re urging the administration to address and end the epidemic by:

  • Addressing systemic racism embedded in our healthcare systems, in our environmental policies, and in our economic policies that lead to harmful disparities for communities of color
  • Increasing transparency and accountability in regulatory and approval processes at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Focusing on primary prevention through a strong and effective safety standard based on the precautionary principle
  • Ensuring the development of breast cancer treatments that are more effective and less toxic by funding research and strong agency oversight
  • Enacting universal healthcare that is compassionate, evidenced-based, culturally competent, and supportive of patient decision-making 

As the watchdog for the breast cancer movement, we hold government agencies, mega-nonprofits, and corporations accountable, and that goes all the way to the top.
Take action today to tell the Biden-Harris administration that ending this crisis is a priority for you, and it must be for the administration as well. Add your name and we’ll send you two stickers that’ll proudly show you are a breast cancer activist who demands real, systemic change to address and end the epidemic! 

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2 Responses to Sign the card, get a sticker

  • I have breast cancer.
    I had a mastectomy.
    Going through treatments.

  • Stacy Kobert says:

    I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor since October of 2011. I was diagnosed with stage 2 Inductile carcinoma ( with an odd combination of both triple neg and Her 2 positive) in the left side of the chest cavity. I underwent a series of invasive treatments including ..Needle biopsy, mammogram, CT scan and out of shear pressure I chose to have surgery and decided that a Bi-lateral mastectomy followed by reconstruction was my best option . The cancer was successfully removed by achieving clean margins and having the first tier of my lymph nodes removed, which showed no evidence of metastasis. Before I had any time for recovery, I was promptly scheduled to undergo another series of tests. I declined ,as I desperately sought a second opinion from one of the leading Cancer specialist @ West Penn in Pittsburgh who supported my decision. During my recovery period/ breast reconstruction, as part of my treatment plan my oncologist recommended I have Chemo quote “ For the best possible chance of survival” My dr. negated the thought of an alternative or even mentioning of nutritional support or freedom to speak about as an integrated approach . Thus, silenced into believing I had no other options, I was scheduled to have the Chemo followed by 5 years of the drug Tamaxofen. As fate befell me, my insurance did not cover the “ Chemo drugs “ prescribed at the time . It was then I decided to walk a new road to recovery . In hindsight I’ve learned a tremendous amount as a breast cancer patient. Overall I have a new appreciation for the medical industry yet at the same time I feel misled to believe at this point in medical history Cancer is still being proposed as a very cut and dried procedure. Thank-you for this opportunity to share my story.

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