About Ashley Abbott

Ashley AbbottThough born and raised in Georgia, I moved to New York in my teens and have called Queens, NY my home ever since. I have cared deeply about issues of illness and disability—with a specific focus on their social justice implications—for years. When I recently found BCAction, I immediately felt a connection to the organization on both a political and personal level and wanted to help in any way I could. My beautiful mother passed away from breast cancer on December 26, 2016. I watched her struggle for a year and a half—the pain, the confusion, the emotional hurt—and held her hand as she died. No one should have to go through what my mom did, but so many do. I want to help unite, organize, inform, and mobilize people in New York and beyond; I look forward to doing that with BCAction.

I have been an organizer with Left Forum (an organization that promotes social justice and convenes the largest annual conference in the US of liberals, progressives, leftists, and social justice activists) since 2013 and am currently the Co-director of the organization. I studied social work at New York University and am currently a visiting scholar at the CUNY Graduate Center. Over the past five years, much of my activism has focused on housing justice, disability rights, and the fight against police brutality. As an organizer, I am very passionate about engaging work and projects that are dedicated to building solidarity and unity across communities and among individuals. I hope to lend my skills, experience, and passion to BCAction in any way possible.