About Linda Burnett

Linda BurnettI am the daughter of a woman who was diagnosed twice with breast cancer and eventually died from it. I have also had dozens of friends and acquaintance who have had breast cancer through the years. I have been outraged for decades about the bottom-drawer attention this disease gets from the medical establishment and the barbarity of the treatment options.

Many years ago, I heard [former BCAction executive director] Barbara Brenner speak somewhere in Cambridge, MA and was immediately intrigued by the mission of BCAction and its grassroots philosophy. Several years later, when I went to another breast cancer organization’s annual conference in DC and learned that they get huge funding from the Avon Corporation, I turned away from these organizations.

So now I have decided to put my breast cancer dollars and energy into BCAction (and to a lesser degree, Silent Spring here in Newton) and wish I had more energy and skill to help expose the BS behind the breast cancer industry!

I was attracted to Community Leaders for Change because I thought that, rather than just going on a tirade when someone talks about the Avon or Komen or American Cancer Society walk, I might actually be able to focus my energy and share information with groups of interested people. As it turns out, I have been thrilled to participate and help with local events that BCAction has organized.

If someone were considering joining the Community Leaders for Change, I would tell them that it’s a fabulous concept. If someone has connections in local healthcare or comes from/represents an underserved or vulnerable community, please join because many times these communities are hit the hardest by the impacts of breast cancer.