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Breast Cancer Action Remote Staff and InternsWe’ve moved (online)!

Written By: Rebecca Saltzman, Deputy Director We are so excited to announce our transition to a fully-remote organization.   As people across the nation are adapting to working from home, we have chosen to embrace this opportunity and are moving out of physical... Read more
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Guess who’s MCing our 30th Anniversary?

Written By: Lopa Pal, Development Manager I’m thrilled to announce that we will have an amazing emcee for our virtual event honoring 30 years of Breast Cancer’s Action’s radical disruption and compassionate resistance - creative trespasser herself, Tania... Read more
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Why we must stop cancer-causing fossil fuels

Written By: Jayla Burton, Program Officer Do you think breast cancer and the global addiction to fossil fuel are two separate crises? Think again. The use of fossil fuels not only contributes to climate change, but exposures also increase our risk of... Read more
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Help us mark our 30th Anniversary!

Written by: Marj Plumb, DRPH, Interim Executive Director Join us on October 15th as we honor 30 years of Breast Cancer Action’s radical disruption and compassionate resistance!   Meet members of Breast Cancer Action’s feisty and fearless community as we remember and... Read more
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Stand Up to the Fossil Fuel Industry!

Think the biggest problem with plastic products is how to get rid of them at the end of their use? Well, think again. Plastic products that are such a common feature of modern life—from water bottles to cell phone components—are made from fossil fuels. And fossil fuel... Read more
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Introducing Our Interim ED, Marj Plumb

By Peggy Huston, Chair of the Board of Directors I am writing to update you on recent exciting news for Breast Cancer Action. If you remember, our long-time Executive Director, Karuna Jaggar, informed us in the beginning of the year that she was ready for new horizons. The... Read more
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Stress, Racism, and the Breast Cancer Connection

Having breast cancer is stressful​ but nearly everyone who’s been diagnosed is told to avoid stress. ​What's the connection between emotional strain and cancer? In her role as an associate professor at Temple University, our guest, Dr. Lauren Ellman, studies prenatal and... Read more
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Why We Must Be Anti-Racist

The police killing of George Floyd is forcing an overdue reckoning for our country. To face up to the reality of police brutality and violence against black and brown communities is to face up to the ongoing menace and legacy of white supremacy. It is not enough to not be... Read more
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The Medical Industrial Complex Meets the FDA

What happens when the Medical Industrial Complex meets the FDA? How much influence do pharmaceutical and medical device companies really have ​on the drugs and devices we put in our bodies? In this episode, Karuna talks with award-winning independent medical investigative... Read more
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The First Ten Years

This is the first of three newsletters we'll be releasing this year to mark Breast Cancer Action's 30th anniversary. In this first edition, we're featuring highlights from our first decade.  Letter from the Executive Director Early Photos First Meeting... Read more
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