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Evaluating—and understanding—breast cancer studies at SABCS

By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director                                           For 42 years, breast cancer researchers and doctors have been gathering in San Antonio... Read more
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T-DM1 tradeoffs: not worth the costs and side effects in early stage breast cancer

Just because there is an FDA approved treatment, should it be offered to everyone? Dr Tolaney from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute presented data (GS1-05) exploring whether it’s appropriate to use the monoclonal antibody T-DM1 to treat early stage HER2+ breast cancer. Even... Read more
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Good News and Unicorns on Day 1 of SABCS

by Karuna Jaggar,  Executive  Director I feel like I saw unicorn today. I began Day 1 of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium with this tweet: “Back for my 8th tour of breast cancer research at #SABCS19. Here’s what I’m 'still' looking for: ... Read more
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Join us Dec 3 for #GivingTuesday

Get ready for #Giving Tuesday on December 3rd! It’s a global day of online giving that rings in the holiday season! Read more
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Breast Implants: What You Need to Know

Learn about the risks of breast implants, a common medical device implanted in hundreds of thousands of people each year. People choose implants for breast augmentation, gender transition, and reconstruction after mastectomy, and as many as 100,000 women a year get implants... Read more
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From the Executive Director: Pink Ribbon Culture, Gaslighting, and the Breast Cancer Epidemic

Editor’s Note: You may have seen Karuna’s recent op-ed, published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Pink-Ribbon Culture is Gaslighting Women. The op-ed struck a nerve for thousands of people and gave voice to what many of us have felt . It reached over 15,000 people on Facebook... Read more
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Tell the FDA to Require Stronger Breast Implant Labeling

by Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director We have an important opportunity right now to ensure that everyone considering breast implants has complete and balanced information about the risks and potential harms.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is updating their labeling... Read more
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Thank You for Saying Never to Forever Chemicals

From The Breast Cancer Action Team  Every October our acclaimed Think Before You Pink® campaign holds pinkwashing corporations accountable for their role in the breast cancer epidemic. This year, we told 3M to Say Never to Forever Chemicals and in the process... Read more
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Voices from 3M’s Backyard

Suzanne Nash is the First Medicines Program Manager at the Indigenous Peoples Task Force (ITPF), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ITPF, which uses indigenous values and practices to improve wellness in local communities, is an endorsing partner for Breast Cancer Action’s Say... Read more
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3M’s Toxic Legacy

By Courtney Markham-Abedi We spoke with people in communities affected by PFAS contamination around the country as part of our research for the Say Never to Forever Chemicals campaign targeting corporate giant 3M. We were inspired by these fierce activists... Read more
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