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Put Public Health First! Get Oil Money Out of CA Politics

We know that dangerous oil drilling practices are harmful to health and may be linked to breast cancer. In fact, carcinogens specifically linked to breast cancer such as benzene and toluene have been found in drinking water near gas wells at levels that are four times the legal... Read more
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Thank YOU for Pushing Back This Pinktober

For 15 years, Think Before You Pink® has been pushing back on corporate pinkwashers and calling out pink ribbon culture and marketing. This year, we went after the corporation that started it all – global cosmetics giant, The Estée Lauder Companies. And on the 25th... Read more
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Don’t Miss Out! Join Us in 25 Hours of Action

Estée Lauder wants to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon. Join us in sending them the kind of gift that leaves a lasting impression: thousands of emails in 25 hours. Read more
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Our Campaign Has Momentum, But We Still Need YOU!

We know from our past wins that when we raise our voices together, we can make multimillion dollar corporations change their pinkwashing practices. That’s why we need YOU to send your email to global cosmetics giant, Estée Lauder, and tell them “Knot Our Pink Ribbon.” Read more
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Women’s Bodies Are Not For Profit

In 2017, women’s bodies are still seen as a way to sell products. Women’s health and healthcare are still used as political pawns. And women are shamed and blamed for everything bad that happens to them—from sexual assault to breast cancer. It doesn't have to be this... Read more
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Thank You For an Amazing Evening!

Thanks to every one of you who supported or joined us for our 7th Annual Action Speaks Louder Than Pink – Food for Thought! It was a successful and powerful evening filled with community, activism and amazing food. Read more
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Take Action! Tell the Original Pinkwasher to Stop the Betrayal!

For 15 years we’ve been calling for accountability and transparency in breast cancer fundraising with our annual Think Before You Pink® campaign. Last week we launched Knot Our Pink Ribbon, targeting The Estée Lauder Companies for their role in launching the pink ribbon. Read more
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When Data Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story: Breast Cancer Death Rate Report

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer or any other major health issue knows the strange feelings of being both part of and apart from the diagnosis. On one hand, it feels so uniquely personal and individual, an attack on self. And on the other, there is the... Read more
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Breast Cancer Action’s “Knot Our Pink Ribbon” Campaign Demands Estée Lauder Stop the Betrayal

“Estée Lauder’s pink ribbon began with a stolen idea,” said Jaggar. “When they partnered with Self Magazine, together they turned the peach ribbon pink. With the change in color, the focus shifted from prevention to awareness, marketing and corporate gain. Pink ribbons... Read more
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Join Us in Putting a Knot in the Pink Ribbon!

On the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon, we’re angry. Angry that too many women are diagnosed with and die from breast cancer. Angry that women of color and underserved communities are disproportionately burdened. Angry about the exploitation of the disease for profit. And... Read more
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