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Cause Imperative

Linda Reyes was featured in the April-May 1994 issue of Modern Maturity, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) magazine. This article was written by Diane Curtis.  Linda Reyes bottled up her anger against what she calls the “cancer industry” through two... Read more
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Annual Tour Argues Toxins Create Cancers

Breast Cancer Action was the first breast cancer organization to draw the link between breast cancer and environmental pollution. It was an early member of the Toxic Links Coalition, which organized an annual Cancer Industry Tour to call out the Bay Area's most egregious toxic... Read more
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Double Your Impact Today!

Your donation for #GivingTuesdayNow will be DOUBLED today thanks to a generous donor who will match your gift, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000! Read more
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The Larger Good: Fighting for Their Lives

Elenore Pred, one of BCAction's four original founders, was featured in a U.S. News & World Report series on The Most Notable Women of 1991. The profile, by Erica E. Goode, was published on August 26, 1991, just months before Elenore Pred died.  The toxic blue liquid... Read more
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Genentech Starts Compassionate Access to Breast Cancer Drug

One of Breast Cancer Action's first campaigns was an effort to persuade Genentech to allow compassionate use of a drug (Her2/neu or Trastuzumab, brand name, Herceptin) that showed promise for those with late-stage breast cancer. This article, by Mary Ann Swissier, was... Read more
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Selection of Early Photos

Breast Cancer Action Founders (from left): Susan Claymon, unknown, Belle Shayer, Elenore Pred, Linda Reyes.  Early BCAction members with ACT UP activists  Early Rally Demonstration in support of funding for breast cancer and AIDS research Honk... Read more
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First Meeting Flyer

This flyer, produced on a portable typewriter and distributed in the spring of 1990, announces Breast Cancer Action's first meeting, which was held at founder Elenore Pred's house in San Francisco on July 1, 1990.               ... Read more
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Going Toe-to-Toe With Industry

By Rebecca Saltzman, Deputy Director Breast Cancer Action’s watchdog role has never been more important, as corporations and industry-friendly officials use COVID-19 as yet another an excuse to put profits before public health protections. Thanks to members like you, we work... Read more
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Breast Cancer Action Podcast LogoLessons from HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic shines a spotlight on the structural problems of our profit-driven healthcare system—but these failings aren't new, as Karuna and global health activist Gregg Gonsalves discuss in the latest episode of our podcast. Dr. Gonsalves, an AIDS activist turned... Read more
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Donate today!Breast Cancer Doesn’t Stop For Pandemics—And Neither Do We

Breast cancer doesn’t stop for pandemics. Please donate today to fund our work for health justice. Women are still being diagnosed with the disease, and we're still here with free, unbiased information, and resources for everyone who needs it. Read more
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