Phthalate-Free Cosmetics

Phthalates are known to cause a broad range of birth defects and lifelong reproductive problems in laboratory animals exposed to these chemicals during pregnancy and after birth. Phthalates are also known to be hormone-mimicking chemicals, many of which disrupt normal hormonal processes, raising concern about their implications for increased breast cancer risk. The following is a list of companies that have contacted BCA to confirm that they do not use phthalates in their products. Don’t see your company here? Because phthalates are often not disclosed on the product label, it is difficult to tell just by reading the label whether phthalates are present.

To find out about the ingredients in your product:

  1. Find out which company makes the product you use. See if they have an ingredient list available on the product itself or on the company’s website.
  2. Try e-mailing or calling the company and asking if its products contain phthalates.


If you represent a cosmetics company whose products are completely phthalate-free, let us know.

8 Responses to Phthalate-Free Cosmetics

  1. Mike Fessler says:

    Our Company would like to be listed on your website. We manufacture phthalate-free shampoo and soaps in BPA-EA free bottles. We also are paraben free company. Our company also was the only cosmetic company to be invited to the 9th Keele Conference on Aluminum Toxicity in Feb. 2011 where we met with Dr. Darbre who has just release another study on aluminum. Our contact info: 1-866-387-4222

  2. Chauntey Edwards says:

    I’m an independent consultant for Arbonne and our products are all paraben and phthalate free. Can you please add them to this list?

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  8. Rella says:

    I think Clinique is 100% phthalate and paraben free. It says so on their website. (I dont work for them).

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