Demand Stronger Cosmetics Regulations to Protect Our Health


As the Senate considers changing the weak laws that regulate personal care products, they need to hear from you.

At Breast Cancer Action, we believe that meaningful, public health-focused legislation should include:

  1. A strong safety standard that is based on the precautionary principle, which would demand that products are proven safe before they enter the marketplace – rather than after they are already in our homes and our bodies. This would include:
    • Strengthening protections for vulnerable communities such as pregnant women, infants, workers, communities of color, etc.
    • Requiring a stricter stand on allowable chemicals; not allowing chemicals to be assumed innocent but would need to be proven safe.
    • Requiring pre-market safety testing that allows the FDA to review and regulate what goes into cosmetics before they reach store shelves.
  2. Providing resources the FDA needs to ensure effective oversight of the cosmetics industry. Key aspects would include:
    • Mandatory recall authority to get unsafe products off the shelves.
    • Realistic implementation schedule that requires compliance and gives the FDA necessary incentives and resources to implement changes necessitated by the new law.
    •  Financial resources it needs to provide proper oversight and enforcement.
    • Post market adverse events tracking requiring cosmetic manufacturers, packagers, or distributors to report any information they receive concerning serious adverse health effects associated from the use of their cosmetics.
  3. Closing labeling loopholes by requiring full ingredient disclosure on product labels and company websites, regardless of trade secret claims including professional salon products and online.
    • The FDA should have access to all the ingredients in cosmetics in order to effectively regulate their safety. Fragrance trade secrets, unintended by-products and ingredient contaminants should not be exempt from these disclosure laws.

Contact your Senator today and tell them you want stronger regulation of personal care products!

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