Protecting Our Health and Environment: Uniting to Change U.S. Chemical Policy

On this webinar you will learn how legislative chemical reform affects you, your family and your community, and how to advocate for change that will protect all of our health.

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market which have never been fully assessed for toxic impacts on human health and the environment. Environmental toxins in our everyday lives can increase our risk of breast cancer, and our current regulatory system has little power to protect us.

Presented by Sahru Keiser, Breast Cancer Action’s Program Associate of Education and Mobilization, Andy Igrejas, National Campaign Director for the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition and Sharyle Patton, Director of Commonweal’s Biomonitoring Resource Center. On the webinar you will learn about:

  •   Current chemical policy in the U.S. and the need for reform
  •   Chemicals and  the connection to breast cancer
  •   The nuts and bolts of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011
  •   How Breast Cancer Action is working to end the breast cancer epidemic
  •   Ways for you to take action

Breast Cancer Action is part of the national Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition, which advocates for federal policy that helps stop breast cancer before it starts through stronger regulation of toxins linked to breast cancer.