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SABCS 2019: T-DM1 tradeoffs: not worth the costs and side effects in early stage breast cancer

Just because there is an FDA approved treatment, should it be offered to everyone? Dr Tolaney from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute presented data (GS1-05) exploring whether it’s appropriate to use the monoclonal antibody T-DM1 to treat early stage HER2+ breast cancer. Even... Read more
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SABCS 2019: Good News and Unicorns on Day 1 of SABCS

by Karuna Jaggar,  Executive  Director I feel like I saw unicorn today. I began Day 1 of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium with this tweet: “Back for my 8th tour of breast cancer research at #SABCS19. Here’s what I’m 'still' looking for: ... Read more
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