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The four featured guests on BCAction's podcast episode Addressing Disparities: Screening vs. Systemic ChangeTune in to our new podcast

By Jayla Burton, Program Manager Breast cancer is foundationally a social justice issue, and it is also a racial justice issue.  When it comes to breast cancer, we are far too familiar with racial disparities in diagnosis, treatment, and mortality. Screening has... Read more
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Breast Cancer Action Podcast logoAddressing Disparities: Screening vs. Systemic Change

Most of us are familiar with the serious health inequities that exist among different racial, ethnic, and cultural groups when it comes to illness. Breast cancer is no exception. Join BCAction Program Manager Jayla’s conversation with four podcast guests: Marissa Thomas,... Read more
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Breast Cancer Action LogoBreast Cancer Action is in strong support of California’s SB 467

Submitted via email on Friday, April 2 2021 Senator Scott Wiener State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814 Re: SB 467 (Wiener/Limón) – Breast Cancer Action is in STRONG SUPPORT Dear Senator Wiener: Breast Cancer Action (BCAction) is strongly in support of SB 467... Read more
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Breast Cancer Action Podcast logoPodcast: This research could change what we know about breast cancer

By Jayla Burton, Program Officer Breast Cancer Action is committed to addressing the root causes of breast cancer and its disparities, from involuntary toxic exposures to the impact of chronic stress as a result of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).    For... Read more
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Two children playing in their neighborhood.Can Childhood Experiences Increase Breast Cancer Risk?

By Heather Sarantis, Environmental Health Consultant to Breast Cancer Action and Guest Writer I have worked on breast cancer prevention for more than 15 years. Most recently, I co-authored Paths to Prevention: The California Breast Cancer Primary Prevention Plan, a nearly... Read more
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Breast Cancer Action Podcast logoThe Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on Breast Cancer

In this episode, Breast Cancer Action’s Environmental Health Consultant Heather Sarantis interviews Dr. Barbara Cohn, the lead research principal investigator of the study "Linking Neighborhood and Individual Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to Breast Cancer." This study is... Read more
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The SABCS Video Backdrop featuring the SABCS logoSABCS 2020

By Jayla Burton, Program Officer For decades billions of dollars have been poured into breast cancer research. And each December clinicians and researchers from around the world gather at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) to share the latest study results. For... Read more
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SABCS 2020: Why Mammograms Can’t Fix Breast Cancer Disparities

By Jayla Burton, Program Officer The growing attention to breast cancer disparities for Black women has resulted in an increase in marketing campaigns targeting women of color telling us that we must get screened for breast cancer. For many people, at first this sounds like... Read more
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