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Marie Garlock pictured embracing her mom, Barbara Garlock.Calling on the FDA to Put Patients First: A Check-Up from Stage IV Cancer Communities

By Marie Garlock Marie Garlock, PhD, is an anti-discrimination educator and consultant for community-building initiatives (itisinyou.org). Marie’s based in Durham, NC and works across the U.S. south and Global South on healthcare, environmental, and racial justice... Read more
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The image contains a stone sign reading: FDA, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration. There is a corporate building in the background and soil ground in front of the sign.Tell the FDA: put patients before profit!

Written By: Tibby Reas Hinderlie The Food and Drug Administration’s role is to protect public health by ensuring safety and efficacy of drugs and medical devices, including those used to treat breast cancer. The drug approval process should put patients before the... Read more
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From the Executive Director: It Shouldn’t Take a Pandemic to Prioritize Public Health

COVID-19 is an acute health justice issue that reveals the enormity of the cracks in our healthcare system. Read more
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Take Our 2019 Member Survey!

It’s your turn!    We reach out to you frequently with important updates and actions. Now we want to hear from you!    We’re developing a new strategic plan for Breast Cancer Action that will build on our current work and shape our direction over... Read more
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