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Check out our newly revised free resource

By Zoë Christopher, Program Officer & Operations Manager Our latest resource, What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer, provides our unbiased, patient-centered take on the basics of breast cancer, free from industry influence.   We’ve recently updated this... Read more
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SABCS 2020: The Breast Cancer-to-Addiction Pipeline and What to Do About It

By Jayla Burton, Program Officer Each year at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), the Breast Cancer Action team assesses the latest treatment research so folx can make the best-informed decisions about their care. This often includes calling out the harms... Read more
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Kim Motta is pictured smiling with her two daughtersThe Real Ones Tried to Kill Me – The Fake Ones Did Too

By Kim Motta Kim Motta lives in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. She has been married to her husband Peter for almost 20 years, and they have two daughters in high school, Lauren and Emily. Kim works to "pay it forward" as she contiunes healing from Breast Implant... Read more
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SABCS 2019: Less Surgery, But Still Some, For Breast Cancer

by Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director When first diagnosed with cancer, it can feel like the surest, fastest way to get rid of it is to cut it out. So many newly diagnosed breast cancer patients are surprised to learn that surgery isn’t the first step in treatment for many... Read more
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SABCS 2019: No Winners in Debate Over Treatment Options

by Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director Friday morning, SABCS opened with a debate that was hyped like a sporting event in an effort to spice up a pretty dry conference. The topic was about surgical options, which is a defining decision for a majority of people diagnosed with... Read more
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