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Breast Cancer Action Podcast logoThe Fossil Fuel to Breast Cancer Pipeline

Health risks from fossil fuels touch almost every aspect of our lives. In addition to vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions, a wide range of everyday products are made from fossil fuel-based chemicals, including cosmetic products, pesticides, and plastics. In this episode, The... Read more
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Breast Cancer and Fossil Fuels – Illustrated!

Written By: Tibby Reas Hinderlie Every year in the U.S., more than a quarter of a million people are diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of these people have no family history of the disease, which raises the question “What causes breast cancer?” Research increasingly... Read more
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Single Use Plastics: Protection During a Pandemic or Fuel for the Breast Cancer Epidemic?

Written By: Emily Noronha Stuffed between couch cushions, piling up on curbs, or blowing about in the wind I see the same things: floods of THANK YOU plastic bags, greasy take-out containers, and neon pink straws. For years I have been trying to reduce my use of plastic as... Read more
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