Sign the card to make sure the Biden-Harris administration prioritizes breast cancer.

The Biden-Harris administration will have an essential role in addressing the breast cancer crisis.

Both the President and Vice President have faced cancer in their families, so we know that the goal to address cancer is a personal one. Many of us are compelled to action when an issue affects us personally. We are hopeful that Biden and Harris’s personal experiences with cancer will inspire them to take meaningful action to immediately address and end the breast cancer crisis.

Take action and sign the card today to ensure that this administration prioritizes breast cancer.

Biden-Harris be the administration that prioritizes breast cancer

Shyamala Gopalan Harris and Kamala Harris

With almost 15 million people living with cancer[1] we are all likely to have a loved one whose life has been impacted by this devastating disease. Both Joe Biden’s son Beau and Kamala Harris’ mother Shyamala Gopalan died of cancer. Shyamala was not only a world-renowned breast cancer researcher, she was also active in the civil rights movement, and a strong supporter of Breast Cancer Action.

We know with this personal connection to cancer – and breast cancer specifically – the administration has strong potential to make breast cancer a priority, and to approach this public health crisis through Breast Cancer Action’s unique health justice lens. For 30 years, Breast Cancer Action has worked to bring about change in the breast cancer movement and achieve health justice for all people at risk of and living with this disease. As Biden and Harris step into the White House, we urge them to build an administration that addresses the root causes of breast cancer by:

  • Addressing systemic racism embedded in our healthcare systems, in our environmental policies, and in our economic policies that lead to harmful disparities for communities of color
  • Increasing transparency and accountability in regulatory and approval processes at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Focusing on primary prevention through a strong and effective safety standard based on the precautionary principle
  • Ensuring the development of better breast cancer treatments that are more effective and less toxic by funding research and strong agency oversight
  • Enacting universal healthcare that is compassionate, evidenced-based, culturally competent, and supportive of patient decision-making

Join us as we continue to hold our leaders accountable and encourage them to cultivate a world where our lives are not threatened by breast cancer. Sign the card to tell Biden and Harris that it’s time to take action and implement policies that get to the root causes of the breast cancer crisis.