The Source • December 2007 • Issue 99

Report from the 2007 Breast Cancer Symposium: Integrating Emerging Science into Clinical Practice

By Marilyn Zivian The 2007 Breast Cancer Symposium: Integrating Emerging Science Into Clinical Practice provided an opportunity for people working in breast cancer to learn about and raise questions concerning research developments relevant to treatment of the disease. Held in San Francisco in September, the… Read More

From the Executive Director: A Day at a Time: Taking the Long View

by Barbara A. Brenner It’s the end of September as I write this column, but by the time you read it, another year will be ending. I’m now thinking about what this year has meant for people with and at risk for breast cancer and… Read More

From the Editor: Do Something Besides Worry

by Katrina Kahl At the heart of BCA’s work is providing information about breast cancer to the many people who are affected by the disease. In doing this, we sift through stacks of information (and misinformation) to bring critical analyses of what’s happening—and what’s important—in… Read More