The Source • Fall 2017 – Issue 132

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From the Executive Director: Breast Cancer Action is Made for Times Like These

As a radical cancer activist organization, Breast Cancer Action has worked since our founding in 1990 to make sure that women’s health doesn’t get sidelined. Breast Cancer Action was made for times like these. Our role as an independent rapid-response watchdog is an essential part of the larger movement working to address the current threats from an administration that’s targeting women and vulnerable communities, challenging established science, and bolstering corporate control of our regulatory protection agencies. Read More

When Data Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story: Breast Cancer Death Rate Report

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer or any other major health issue knows the strange feelings of being both part of and apart from the diagnosis. On one hand, it feels so uniquely personal and individual, an attack on self. And on the other, there is the feeling of suddenly being reduced to a statistic. Read More

Thank YOU for Pushing Back This Pinktober

For 15 years, Think Before You Pink® has been pushing back on corporate pinkwashers and calling out pink ribbon culture and marketing. This year, we went after the corporation that started it all – global cosmetics giant, The Estée Lauder Companies. And on the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon, together we put a knot in theirs. Thank you for taking action to tell this pinkwasher enough is enough! Read More