The Source • October/November 2006 • Issue 93

Hold the Chemo: Who Will Benefit and Who Won’t

A new National Cancer Institute clinical trial attempts to pinpoint early-stage breast cancer patients who will (and won’t) benefit from chemotherapy by Lauren John My mother, Anne Fleishman, is petite, blonde, and thin. I am tall, brunette, and a size 12. Whenever we go to… Read More

What’s in a Name?

If I were naming this particular clinical trial, I would lose the cutesy acronyms and call it the “You Don’t Need It” study. But that might deter women from signing up, and I really hope that they will. I only mention this because when I… Read More

From the Executive Director: Looking Toward, and Creating, BCA’s Future

by Barbara A. Brenner One of the greatest challenges that BCA faces is doing the work while staying ahead of the game. As we’ve worked to make sure that people have the information they need today, we have always tried to anticipate the next issues… Read More