The Source • Spring 2018 – Issue 133

Check out the latest issue of Breast Cancer Action’s newsletter, The Source. In this issue you’ll find a message from Executive Director Karuna Jaggar, our report-back from the 2017 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, a webinar on the misleading federal legislation known as “Right to Try,” and much more. Want The Source delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up here. To print a PDF of this issue, click here.

From the Executive Director: Cancer Didn’t Make Me Wiser—Just More Committed

In March, I came back to work after being out on medical leave for cancer treatment. I am returning with a renewed commitment to the work and mission of Breast Cancer Action. And I'm more inspired than ever by the dedicated and passionate people who combine their talents, creativity, grit, and vision to make a meaningful difference in addressing and ending the breast cancer epidemic. Read More

Right To Try Is False Hope

Taking the FDA out of the picture is not the way to promote and protect public health—and it won’t save lives. Far from giving patients new rights, the so-called Right to Try bill before the House actually takes away essential safeguards that protect patients. Join Breast Cancer Action in standing against this bill. Tell your Representative to vote no today: (202) 224-3121. Read More

At-Home Breast Cancer Test Nothing to Celebrate

This represents a step backward. The FDA has given the green light to 23andMe to provide less information than existing tests, and in doing so it has put corporate enrichment above public health Read More